Tata Steel paved the first quiet railway tracks in London

India-based, Tata Steel has announced that it has developed a special rail track called SilentTrack (silent rail) and laid 1,3 km of Blackfriars station, which is at London's busiest train stations, with these rails.
According to the statement made by Tata Steel, after determining the need to reduce noise, Tata's research team in Rotherham, South Yorkshire contributed to the development of the product in question. Tata Steel also said that SilentTrack provides a simple and cost-effective solution to meet new European noise regulation requirements.

Currently, patented parts are used in SilentTrack technology, which is used in 13 countries, including Sydney, Australia, Oslo, Norway and the Rhine Valley, Germany, to reduce the impact of vibration on the train tracks. The parts in question are manufactured in the UK using steel produced at Scunthorpe and covered with a rubber-like material.

Source : www.steelorbis.com.t is

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