KARDEMİR's Wagon Production Will Start in the Second Half of the Year

Kardemir is preparing to produce wagons on its 75th anniversary.
According to the World Newspaper, currently fast train tracks
In addition to that, it operates the scissors factory in Çankırı.
Kardemir, a company with both the production of rail wheels as well as
preparing for wagon production. This two investment holds 60 million dolan
Will be found. Kardemir General Manager made a speech within the scope of the celebrations
Fadil Demirel, said the wagon will be produced in the second half of this year.
Double-production after Kardemirt privatization takeover
Demirel said what he had released, “550-600 thousand before privatization
tons of production last year production of 1.4 million tons per year
I Yapu. This year's program 1.7 million tons next year
it will be. We will increase the value of 4 more than a billion dollars here. It's secret
"It lies in the employees of Karabük and Karabük." Demirel
Kardemir now manages an investment of $ 800 million
he told us.
Explaining that they made Karabük the center of iron and steel
Demirel continued his words as follows: “Here, by choosing a priority for ourselves,
Karabük becomes the production center of railway and rail systems
We are trying to bring. Our country's fastest train rail-lanm
We also export this product to the countries in the region.
In addition to this, the scissor factory including high speed trains in Çankırı, again
the second wagon of this year
Will begin. At the moment we are still in talks with foreign companies
the production of railroad wheels, and this is a million-dollar investment in 60. that
must have back and good quality steel as well as wheel production
production is also required. 500 millimeter milling mill
it must be. We created the infrastructure of this. Hopefully in our country
First we will achieve this. Republican period and before this
productions could not be made except for wagons. ”
Noting that Kardemir has overcome its troubles, Demirel said, “This
we have a position in the sector. Re-born from the ashes
Kardemir is making serious strides now. This is a 75th year worthy
step. Iron-steel is again the strategic sector of our country and this strategic
We are in the field, "he said. With regard to environmental investments,
Providing information, Demirel said, “Besides, a facility that attaches great importance to the environment.
we have become. So far, we have made an investment of 153 million TL in environment and
we continue to do. This is a remarkable number.
We made environmental investments as much as the capital of 15-20 plants of medium size ”
made descriptions.
First to meet the needs of the freight wagon
Demirel stated that they will produce, “TC Devlet Demiryollan
with the privatization of railway lines
companies will be able to carry their own lines on their own wagons. This
2 bin 500 to transport our coke and iron ore in the direction
We need a wagon. At first we needed
we will meet, then we will sell to domestic market and abroad.
We will have the capacity to produce 250 wagons in the first year. ”

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