Russian Prime Minister Putin Simulator at the Steering of the Locomotive

The Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, 7, made observations in the Kremlin in May, days before the country's helm. Putin, sitting behind the wheel of the simulator locomotive, made the trip in the virtual world.
Transport Minister Igor Levitin and the head of railroads Vladimir Yakunin'in Rijski station in the examination of the new wagon and studies in Putin, received information about the work. Noting that investments in transport infrastructure are the basis for economic growth, Russian Prime Minister said, ına We invested in 2008 trillion (about 2011 billion dollars) ruble railways between 1,3-4. We are planning to invest more in Xnumx trillion rubles over the next decade.

Putin, who stated that the use of railways in the transportation to Eastern and Far Siberia, is among the priorities of the train, said that the trainings for the trainings for the 2014 Winter Olympics and the 2018 World Cup started. High speed train services are planned between 13 city where the World Cup will be played.

The Russian leader, who was looking at the technological development center of the Russian railways, enjoyed the train of minus 50 and the luxury trains to be used for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Putin sitting in the center of the simulation machine used for educational purposes, both on the road and the road made a successful trip.

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