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It is reported that Eskişehir is the city that takes the most serious steps in the field of rail systems with its deep-rooted industrial accumulation, project producing institutions, universities and experienced and trained workforce. Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TULOMSAS) General Manager and Eskişehir Railway Systems Cluster Association President Hayri Avci, AA correspondent, Eskişehir, Turkey's 156 annual rail ride that witnessed the history of 118 years, the city of a period of institutions, companies and iron with university He began to make his voice lush in the field.
Stating that the first draw frames in Eskişehir started with the construction of the Berlin-Baghdad railway line in 1894 for construction works, Avcı said:
'Eskişehir's love of railroad is quite meaningful in terms of forming the first starting point of industrial investments in the city. Eskisehir, Turkey and the arrival of the first establishment in the railway industry in the city. As a result of the re-determination of railways in our country as a state policy by the government and the introduction of high-speed train, a new sectoral vision was defined. In accordance with this vision, Eskişehir is the city that takes the most serious steps in the field of rail systems with its long-established industrial accumulation, project producing institutions, universities, experienced and trained labor force and railway vehicles test center.
In the 2011 Turkey's first and only set of 'Rail Set' and continue on in the coming together of the elements that comprise the cluster 'Rail Systems Cluster Association "Hunter stated that establishment, to be the center of Turkey in the field of Eskisehir rail system in order TULOMSAS and Eskişehir Chamber of Industry 's (ESO) initiatives initiated by the Rail Systems Research and Testing Center installation work within the opening of the Center of Excellence within the Anadolu University, said the transformation has continued. Hunter, '' with the completion of the test center will be realized in a sectoral sense, '' he said.
'' 2023 trillion euros is expected to be invested by 1 '' -
Eskişehir Osmangazi University by explaining that there are studies in the field of Rail Systems Engineering Hunter, '' Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone, many companies in the field of rail systems certification and production in accordance with international standards are doing very successful studies. Besides these developments, established Rail Systems Cluster Association, an important step that will contribute to the development of Turkey Eskisehir and industry. Eskişehir all institutions, organizations and companies ready to become the heart of the rail system in Turkey, '' he said.
Hunter noted that 100 billion euros have been invested every year in the world railway and continued as follows:
'' 2023 trillion euros is expected to be invested in this sector by 1. When we look at the railway vehicle market, the market size of light rail vehicles is constantly growing at the above rates. We will do some work to increase the number of members of the Rail Systems Cluster. Firstly, the sector, product, market matrix will be created. A growth profile will be formed according to the situation and development goals. Cluster investment is not a single issue in the development of the rail systems sector in our city. Work on our city to become a Railway Vehicle Production Center was started in 2005. When we look at the 2015 and 2023 targets of TULOMSAS, it is clear that it aims not to grow alone but to increase the rail systems industry in our city and in our country. It is TÜLOMSAŞ's goal to carry out R & D and test works towards this vision and to establish a center for this purpose in our city. Eskişehir rail systems production center will be in our country. '' Eskişehir locomotive, freight wagon, diesel engine, bogie and wheel set production with the ability to produce traction engine and tram TÜLOMSAŞ with the determination to reach the targets for product determination and determination, '' In addition to the launch of high-speed train applications in our country, where we continue our technological studies for manufacturing infrastructure, new projects are put into practice and the railway vehicle sector is aimed to be a flagship in our industry. Dedi

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