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Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, TurkeyThe gross domestic product (GDP) stating watch parallel with the development of world trade growth, "in this case Turkey's global power,' 'he said.

Minister Yildirim, Economic Journalists Association (EGD) members met with the meeting, the Ministry of activities between the years 2003-2011 told. Yildirim, Turkey's Europe, Russia, Asia, the Caucasus, said he found at a crossroads between the Middle East and Africa.

"Turkey is going in parallel with GDP growth of world trade development. In this case, TurkeyThe show is a global power, "said Lightning, experienced contraction in world trade from Turkeyat least the minimum level affected by the output.

GDP of the transport and communication sector14,9 percent of the share ina, the ministry of public spending in the place of the percentage of 46'ya Yildirim transfer, said:

"Transportation, Turkeyhas undergone a task that does not pull down its growth. TurkeyIn order to ensure today's development, transport had to grow. The total of 2003-2012 transportation and communication investments was 123 billion liras. 9 123 billion-year investment in the resource distribution of the investment-build-operate-transfer investments are increasing gradually. We also wanted to reduce the budget burden while investing. 86 percent of investments14 from the publicWe built the reputation-build-operate-transfer model. In order to reduce the burden of the budget… 65 percent of our investmentsi highways, 18i railroad, percent 11i communication, percent 4ü airline, 2si Our government pays attention to railways. We started investments to eliminate the neglect and forgetting of railways. 2003Since then we have increased investments in the railway. There is also employment provided by related and related institutions. The number of people directly employed is 94 bin. The number of indirectly employed is 122 bin. Dol

"Internet is not expensive when used in Turkey"

Yildirim said that the price development in transportation and communication services had a decreasing effect on inflation, and that despite the steady increase in inflation rates of railway, airway, bridge fees and mobile speech rates, there was no steady increase in the inflation rate. . the internet is not expensive when used in Turkey, "he said.

“We paid attention to divided roads“

The government pays special attention to divided roads and 72 percent of total road investmentsLightning sini stated that creates the divided highway investment, Turkeyhe said that divided roads have become available all over.

Lightning, noting that the length of the divided highway 9,5 6 thousand years 21 300 thousand kilometers up, it was said that they were trying 2023 taking into account Turkey's needs and growth go out on that basis.

Referring to the fuel and labor saving savings provided by the divided roads, Yildirim said that the 38 billion pounds paid from the total revenues of the highways accounted for the 2011 of the year 13,23.

”Railways became state policy again hale

1950 from the early years of the Republic134 1951 XNUMX XNUMXfrom 2003annual average 18e falls, but 2003 135'den investment is going up the kilometers, he said.

Yildirim, said:

Di Railways became state policy again. 2003te 235 had invested a million pounds. 2012 to railwaysThe budget 4 billion 212 million liras. High-speed trains of highways in Turkey was not on the implementation of 750 thousand vehicle traffic. 2002 16 789 2012 45 2 870 2002 982 2011 7,3 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX The transport of the private sector has reached XNUMX million tons in XNUMX in XNUMX in XNUMX. We are also putting the private sector into service. He will now transport rail on the railways. He'il give you money per mile. No matter what he carries, we are not going to interfere with him. We are developing the indigenous railway industry. Factories are being set up to develop the rail industry. Demir

X 596 increased in aviation turnover “

2003 of turnover in the aviation industryten percent since 596, 133 percent Lightning voicing increased employment, increased air traffic at the airports, 2003In the 9 million citizens ta domestic flying, 2011 58,3 million by the end of figure out that if the number of passengers on domestic and international flights, he said if found 118 million.

Lightning, declaring that this process of commercial aircraft fleet xnumx` up, it was reported that the 351 years 26 9 destinations addition of new destinations.

Taşıma The contribution of maritime transport in foreign trade has increased “

In the 2003 that moved through 61,5 billion dollar burden sea, xnumx` in describing this figure year-end to 2011 billion out lightning, that sea in the number of passengers rose to 207 million in 100 million, but he said they are not satisfied with this figure.

Lightning, they are satisfied with the increase in the situation in the tourism tourism, underlining the following, said:

Iştir 276 increased the number of passengers, 83 increased the number of ships. Izmir and Istanbulthis number will increase further. With the Ro-Ro ships, the number of vehicles transported on regular international routes increased by 2003 by the end of 2011 by 50. As of 2011, 330 vehicles were transported via regular Ro-Ro lines. IDO is the largest company in the world. It is the company that carries the highest number of passengers and vehicles. 30, which manages the sea transportation of the world, 15 from the big country.Turkey side. Also in our country world last year 5. 3 after Italy and Holland rankings of yacht building rankings. sır

“Now we have pressed the button to make the domestic satellite“

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım, PTTStating that, at present, the largest bank in terms of monetary terms, "Many banks, institutions and organizations have an agreement.There are more transactions done, den he said.

Yıldırım, 2003 met with the journalists of the economy at the meeting organized by the Economy Journalists AssociationIn the IT sector total revenues of 11,5 billion dollars, 201131 is estimated to pass a billion dollars and 2012'dan 34 billion dollars to reach the target reported.

Pointing out the aspects of the Internet that simplify human life, Yıldırım said that thanks to the internet, the works were done fast and efficiently, and there were many changes due to social media. Yildirim said, an In the past, the nuclear family consisted of mothers, fathers and children. Now it's become mother, father, children, internet and mobile phone.,

Yildirim, as well as the benefits of each drug as well as side effects, reminding people, institutions and organizations on the negative comments about the negative words were drawn. Dı The information and communication technologies sector is the locomotive for all other sectors, sektör said Yıldırım, emphasizing that the annual turnover of the sector has increased by about 10 annually.

Mobil We have established a mobile base station for disaster and emergency situations “

Information and communication technology sectors that saying is not true, Yildirim said that a way of life that technology, technology that benefits everyone's business and computing voiced increasing day by day, the place of human life.

Minister Yıldırım said, acil We have established a mobile base station for disaster and emergency situations. Turkeygood 25 divided into regions. 1 with roaming in every regionThe mobile base station with satellite transmission is kept ready. When an earthquake is a disaster, we have established that these stations should not be interrupted. In the Van earthquake, this system has been activated and it has started. Van

”PTT is currently the largest bank in monetary transaction“

PTT within the MinistryYildirim, PTT also mentioned the services ofBy putting ATMs into service, customers told 7 days 24 hours of service.

Yildirim, said:

Banka PTT is currently the largest bank in monetary terms. Many banks, institutions and organizations have an agreement. Any kind of operation is done. 300more than one is done. In post offices, the average monthly 2003 million transactions took place in 8, which is now more than 24 million. If we come to satellites, our satellites, 200455 occupancy rate, while the 2012 has reached the occupancy rate of 91,5 percent. Currently, domestic and foreign TV channels are waiting in line. Now we have pressed the button to make the domestic satellite. Türksat is making factory to manufacture satellite. Japan is also currentlyOur 2 satellite is being made. Japan will make our third satellite joint with Japanin. Fourth ourselves completely to Turkeywe will also produce. The number of users is constantly increasing in e-government application. 387 has used more than a thousand e-government applications. We see here that the age of technology is not. While the number of motor vehicles was 2001 million in 7, in 2011 16 reached to a million 089 thousand. In short, the number of vehicles increased by 10 in the last 119 year. Despite this increase in the number of vehicles 1995 in 1,51, 2000As of today, 0,77 has been down to 0,28 levels. er

Ir Istanbul Open Air Museum is the work of Marmaray excavations “

Lightning, the Ministry of the international transport of the drivers who were attacked and killed in the total 88 family of relatives of 3 billion 245 million pounds reported that the payment was made.

Istanbul Open Air MuseumYıldırım stated that it was the work of Marmaray excavations, by making regulations in the legislation, 2003today the delivery of about 100 ten thousand people to amateur sailors document, the evaluation of the existing marine lantern, flashlight, he said the library and turned into tourist attractions.

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