Railway Bridge Works Started in the Bay

It has been reported that railway bridge works have started to provide vehicle transportation to the Tütünçiftlik and Yarımca coasts in the Gulf.

In a written statement made by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that the coastline will be connected to the city center by the vehicle bridge built on the railway for the citizens to use comfortably.

Tütünçiftlik work carried out next to the stop of the minibus statement, the following were recorded:

“Curtain concretes are made on the railway side of the bridge. When the bridge is completed, the vehicles will be transported to the Derince-Tütünçiftlik and Yarımca coasts via the railway. The 37-meter-long bridge will be built with two spans. 29 pre-stressed special concrete beams will be used on the bridge. A total of 78 bored piles will be driven to keep the bridge alive. The bridge, which will be used by pedestrians, will be illuminated with electricity poles. When passing from the bridge to the coastline, it will be possible to reach the desired direction by the side roads extending in the east-west direction. ”

Source: News

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