Anadolu University faculty member who is a guest of Radio A. Dr. Doğan Gökhan explained Railroad Systems Research Center Installation Project

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Anadolu University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering faculty member Prof. Dr. Doğan Gökhan Ece was a guest of Radio A on Monday, April 9. Being a guest of the program named “Guest Room” presented by Nur Demir, Prof. Dr. Doğan Gökhan Ece explained the Rail Systems Research Center Establishment Project, which was submitted and accepted by the Ministry of Development within the scope of Anadolu University's thematic infrastructure project call.

“Within the scope of the thematic infrastructure project call by Anadolu University, the 'National Rail Systems Center of Excellence' project proposal was presented to the Ministry of Development in June 2010. We were asked to revise it in 2011. In 2011, our rector Prof. Dr. Davut Aydın and Vice Rector Prof. Dr. We visited similar centers in Europe with Mustafa Cavcar. " said Prof. Dr. Doğan Gökhan Ece said that they revised the project in the light of the centers they visited. He said that the revised project was presented to the referees in the Ministry of Development in August 2011, and at the end of the referee presentations, the project was accepted at the end of 2011 with its entire budget, exactly as they suggested. In the official newspaper published this January, the project officially started.

Turkey's shortcomings will be fixed rail
Professor Dr. Gokhan Ece Dogan, project objective of the test Turkey's railways, one of the shortcomings in terms of products development center and later said it was to create a certification test center. Regarding the objectives of the project, he added:

"I have known many public institutions in Turkey. One of the most important of these is TÜLOMSAŞ, located in our city. They do not have an opportunity in terms of both the laboratory and the test route to instantly test their newly designed or redesigned products. Therefore, we will give them this opportunity and then assist them in their certification studies. In this way, the products they produce will be certified in terms of the European Union (EU) according to the EU's regulations. This is a great benefit. In addition to this, I think that having such a center will be a great benefit in terms of producing new vehicles and owning our own vehicles for both private and public sectors. "

The importance of Alpu in the project
Saying that the project is planned to be established in Eskişehir's Alpu district, Prof. Dr. “The fact that a railway passes through Alpu makes it valuable. The Ankara-Eskişehir road passes through Alpu at the moment. So conventional fast vehicles are passing. This makes Alpu valuable for us. In Alpu, there will be a test road of approximately 40-45 km. This road will consist of several parts. One of them will be in the form of a circle about 30 km. On this test road, we are planning to test trains with speeds over 300 km. We must be able to accelerate to 330-340 km; a fast train because now is the country of Turkey. We also need to have the ability to test them. In addition, we will have a test track for freight trains at a speed of 90 to 120 km with slower and deeper bends, an 8-9 km test track and a 3-degree bend that will allow trams of approximately 4-90 km to be tested; tramvaylaş because Turkey is a country rapidly. Many municipalities seem very lively and active in establishing trams. Therefore, we need to meet their needs, too. Many of the tram systems installed in our cities are generally purchased second hand from abroad. Here, it is put into service after a maintenance, repair and modernization. Of course, they need to be tested for safety, they are important. " said.

Daha We will definitely be better for the test path “
Mentioning that there are such centers in Europe, Ece said, “There are several important rail systems centers in Europe. Eskişehir will be one of them. There are two main test centers in Europe with their own test route. One is in Germany and the other is in the Czech Republic. Apart from that, it is testing on the very short railway in France and the existing railway in Italy. We will be the third country in Europe with its own test route. We are planning to be the best among them. The work we have done so far is in that direction. We will be more or less the same as them in terms of the technical laboratory; but we will definitely be better in terms of the test route. " He spoke in the form.

”The project will have many benefits“
Stating that this project will have many benefits when completed, Prof. Dr. Dogan Gokhan Ece "First of attracting produced in Turkey and will be tested for compliance with European Union regulations for interoperability drawn vehicles. This means that; When you cooperate with Europe, the wagons with the goods you send are according to their systems.

We need to build these systems and encourage the domestic manufacturer. There are two phases of testing the domestic manufacturer's product. The first one is the development of the product, the second is when the product comes to the certification phase. Both the public and the private, the domestic manufacturer will provide opportunities for the development tests of the product. In the product development phase, the future will test their products, their engineers and our engineers will help and determine the defective side of the product, they will go to their factories and fix them. When they think that everything is complete, then the certification process will begin. What is important is to provide a test facility during the product development phase. Önemli

Sistem We aim to train equipped rail systems engineers “
Stating that they have employed nearly 20 Research Assistants on this subject, Prof. Dr. Ece continued his words as follows: “Some of them are continuing their graduate programs at other universities, and some have not started yet. We signed an agreement with a university in Europe. We are about to sign with the other. A program related to rail systems or a similar training area will be opened. At Anadolu University, we will begin to train up-to-date rail systems engineers. It should not be looked at only as engineering. In the future, it will be a big step in terms of rail systems management. "

Stating that the establishment of this center in Eskişehir will make the city, which is already a railway city, a railway city after the project is completed, Ece underlined that it will also provide a certain employment to the city. Being the director of the Rail Systems Research Center Establishment Project, Prof. Dr. Doğan Gökhan Ece, via Radio A, said, “Our rector Prof. Dr. I would like to thank Davut Aydın. Our Vice Rector, responsible for the centers of excellence, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Cavcar, the teacher, is working heart and soul with us. I also thank him. " said.


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