Official Opening of Bursaray University Line Prime Minister Erdoğan

bursaray map and guzergahi
bursaray map and guzergahi

Prime Minister Erdogan is in Bursa today after a long time. Erdogan will open a full 915 million TL investment in Bursa with the huge facility BTSO has brought to education. Prime Minister Erdogan will make the fourth furnace opening of the Bursaray-University Line and Şişecam Yenişehir Anadolu Cam Sanayi from BTSO Yeniceabat Campus with a live connection.

BursaRay Route

BursaRay route joins the Emek Station on the Mudanya Road and the Acemler station starting from the University in the west. Later, following the Ankara Road, it goes from Kent Square to Şehreküstü Square and follows Haşim İşcan Street and again on the Ankara Road over the viaduct and ends at the Arabayatağı Station.

Station Locations

There are a total of 1 stations in BursaRay 5. Stage A and B Sections, 23 of which are underground. The total length of the two-line route is 22,043 km and it is completely independent from the highway. There are Küçük Sanayi, Ataevler, Beşevler, Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Nilüfer Stations on the Izmir road (West Line), and Organize Sanayi, Hamitler-Fethiye, Bağlarbaşı-Esentepe, İhsaniye and Karaman Stations on the Mudanya road (North Line). After the joining of the two lines, in the direction of Ankara (East Line); There are novices, Pasha Farm, Sırameşeler, Kültürpark, Merinos, Osmangazi, Şehreküstü, Demirtaşpaşa, Gökdere, Davutdede, Duaçınarı, Yüksek İhtisas Hospital and Arabayatağı Stations.

There are 2 stations in BursaRay Stage 1 University Line, 6 of which is underground. The station names on the line, which is 6,622 km long, are as follows: University, Batıkent, Yüzüncüyıl, Özlüce, Ertuğrul and Altınşehir. In the Mudanya Road Extension, there are a total of 1 stations, 2 of which is underground. The station names on the line with a length of 2,233 km are as follows: Korupark and Emek.

Construction Lines

Groundbreaking ceremony was held on 8 for BursaRay 7rd Stage works, consisting of 3 km and 30.07.2011 stations, which will connect the Arabayatağı Station to Kestel.



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