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Redbud Scented Spring

When a warm wind caresses our souls, the ships in our hearts take anchor to the open seas ister We want to run to untwined lines, never-to-walk roads, never-to-live moments by holding the child inside us. It is not possible to resist, the promise of spring enthusiasm and the smell of fresh grass.

Spring has come to our souls, but how do we know that spring is coming to our city?

As someone who lived in Istanbul all the springs of his life, me and others like me realize that spring is coming with the blossoming of Judas trees. If the redbud flowers did not open, the spring is not yet complete.

Redbuds grow spontaneously in the nature of Istanbul. From mid-April to mid-May, Istanbul almost crowns Istanbul with its blossoms and turns into its own purple color. No leaves, branches and even the body of the flowers gush.

The Persian word “redbud” in the Turkish dictionary güzel A beautiful ornamental tree, deliboynuz, which blooms from legumes to magenta and red. ”.

After a cold winter, Istanbul's redbuds opened early this year. Flowering usually begins in the last weeks of April this year, starting earlier than 10 days, budded in the nook and sunny corners of the throat budded in early April and bloomed at the end of the first week.

The most beautiful of the Bosphorus can be seen by ferry trips from Eminönü, Üsküdar and Beşiktaş. You can watch the redbuds on the European side, starting from Beşiktaş Yıldız Park to Yeniköy, on the right and left of Rumeli Fortress, in Emirgan Grove, Eyüp slopes. On the Anatolian side, this beautiful landscape starts from Paşalimanı to Beykoz…

According to legend, the color of the judas and the irregularity of its branches come from the shame of his disciple Judas, who betrayed Jesus. Judas, who regretted Jesus after giving up, hanged himself on the redbud tree, which turned white until then. Redbud tree, which blossoms in white, takes this color by blushing for its shame.

About 1700 years ago, the term muş born in a red room ”was used to describe those who belonged to the privileged class of Istanbul.

11, which was founded in Byzantium, was accepted as the symbol of empire because it opened in May. Its color was used in coat of arms and the clothes of the emperor family. The interior of the palace is decorated with red colors, the emperors of the future were born in red-colored rooms. In Byzantium, the emperors and nobles considered themselves “red blooded”. Since it was the most difficult color produced naturally, it was a sign of wealth and power, and no one except the emperor could wear a purple cape.

Although it is said that the homeland of the redbud is Palestine, the unique blue and green of Istanbul has become its new home.

It is told that when the redbud trees in the Bosphorus decreased in the Ottoman period, the redbud was ordered to be planted by the sultan's edict.

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar said, a If there is a flower in our climate to be made after the rose, it is ergonomic ”.

Ahmet Talat Onay, in his book Man Manzums in Old Turkish Literature;; According to the old medicine, the nature of the redbud is cold and dry, sherbet sobered the drunks, relieved the spur, the wine gives refreshment, henna is more bright than the hands said.

Indigenous Indians of America saw the first buds of the short-lived flowers of redbud as a definite sign of spring and hung flowering redbud branches on the doorstep of their tents to repel black winter.

Shaman wizards have always used redbud shells in their mysterious potions to repel a thousand kinds of disease.

As novices of the adventure of living, we must look at the redbud trees that spread on the backs of the city, the raindrops hanging on their flowers, and see the traces of past tense, unspoken words, unknown languages, untold lives and hope in the shadows of those pearl drops.

The tree that best suits Istanbul is purple. A shy ornament that appears and disappears for a moment is the first harbinger of spring.
In the redbud season, the wind smells redbud, the colors of the flowers are so eye-catching that the other colors are green, blue and red.
Many poets were overwhelmed by the redbud flowers blooming on the slopes of the Bosphorus. What poems have been written on the redbud ...

The sudden appearance of the judas and the loss of the sad, awakening of the beloved by a thousand naz and heart to work around and look at the fledgling aroused and awakens the feeling of going away. Meeting your girlfriend is instant. Then it disappears. Because there is a magnificent beauty that can not be possessed.

İhsan Aktaş expresses this feeling in his poem Boğaziçi.

"Fragrant redbud, hey cruel yar!
Which opened my eye with evil eye
Last night I saw your heart flow
For love from one land to another. "

Rains always fall, redbuds always bloom, a purple smile on our faces, hope in our hearts ...

As in the beautiful verses of Ziya Osman Saba;

Thoughtful walking in a road bend, will come before us with white branches in spring

It will remind us of our merry childhood, a purple garden with a purple panicle wall gu

Yahya Kemal and Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, masters of Istanbul lover who are graves in Aşiyan cemetery, lie at the foot of each other and their graves are surrounded by redbuds. Yahya Kemal in a poem dedicated to his close friend Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar “I don't wait for April that opens up the lilacs, I miss the time dağ He said.

Yes, it was not possible for me to talk about redbuds so much and leave the issue without bringing them to trains and railroads. In Istanbul, not only on the shores of the Bosphorus, but also around the railroads, redbuds took their places and heralded the spring for our trains.

They accompanied those who went to work in the morning, those who returned to their tired homes in the evening, or those who came to Istanbul by train from the side of the road, and they gave the excitement of spring to the eyes that looked tired from the windows.

Those who postpone their lives to redbud seasons are disappointed.

I am like passengers who missed their train with the last second ...
He's missed his own train, but he's determined not to take any other trains,

I'm like those who forget themselves while waiting for their own train at stations ...
However, life does not tolerate waiting and forgetting ...


Let's hurry, don't waste time. Redbuds who will suddenly disappear one morning as they come suddenly…

Source: Nükhet Işıkoğlu

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