Net Yapı company undertook 640 million dollar bridge construction and railway signaling and electrification projects in Turkmenistan.

📩 24/11/2018 17:40

Turkish contractors operating in Turkmenistan undertook a 2012 million dollar project in the first 3 months of 640.

The Turkish company, 2014 of February, will make the project 43 million dollars to be completed.

Net Yapı, which undertakes bridge constructions and railway signaling and electrification projects, will conduct energy transmission line, signalization and housing works in the railway line in the Balkan province. The company won 88 million 630 thousand dollars for this tender.

Otağ Construction, which has just entered the construction sector in this country, undertook the road construction for 67 million dollars within the borders of Ahal province. Özerli Construction company will establish a children's holiday and holiday center in Gökdere resort town for 20 million dollars.

The Turkish companies that have won various tenders such as restoration, social facilities, port, water treatment plant, road and school construction this year will receive a total of 640 million dollars of work, which is expected to increase significantly in the first half of the year.

Last year, Turkish companies Turkmenistan undertook the construction of a total of 63 projects, while the cost of the projects was 3 billion 270 million dollars. In spite of the global crisis, Turkish companies, which continued their development activities in the country, received 2010 billion dollars in 4,5.

The total volume of Turkish construction companies' work since 1991 has exceeded 25 billion.

Source: ZAMAN

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