MUSIAD logistics center continues its operations without slowing down

MUSIAD Aksaray Branch Chairman Kerim Assisted and Vice Chairman Abdulkadir Karatay, MUSIAD Konya Branch, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Sami Kabas and Logistics Center meeting about the work.
In order to establish a Logistics Center in Aksaray, members of the Board of Directors of MÜSİAD Aksaray Branch, who have been conducting researches and studies, stated that they gathered information by participating in the activities that will analyze the logistics sector as related infrastructure studies. MUSIAD Aksaray Branch Chairman Kerim Yardisli said that the logistics sector, which is among the sectors of the future, is very important for being the trade center of Aksaray. Ticaret
Ürün In all the processes from production to supply, the fast, on-time and on-time product delivery of the manufacturing companies to the final consumer is extremely important in terms of competition, u said President Kerim Yardisli, who said that the logistics sector will rise to a very important position in the increasing world trade. As MUSIAD, we believe that Aksaray, which has a very good geographic and strategic location, is a city that is constantly developing and that the logistics center should be done quickly in order to organize this development in an organized way. As a non-governmental organization, we are making an effort to keep such giant projects on our agenda and to make projects that will contribute to the development of our city and increase its development. Sivil
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Counselor Samir Kabashi said the Aksaray in Turkey due to take place in the center and our country stand out as countries in world trade logistics required to complete the work quickly.
Sami Kabaş is planning to complete the planning and planning works with public institutions, non-governmental organizations, businessmen and political institutions in a timely manner that will turn Aksaray's position into an advantage and even its production center will be the center of production. In this period of time we are competing in time to become a logistics center of the countries and even the regions and provinces to be the center of competition is experiencing competition as Aksaray you need to speed up your work. Ğ He said. . We must prepare our own city for the 2023 together with the necessary support from the ministry and the government to the projects to be prepared by the dynamics of Aksaray. In

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