The miracle of salvation on the subway

Ünal Alakoç (35), who had an epilepsy crisis at Mecidiyeköy Metro Station, fell on the rails and remained under the subway.
The incident occurred at Mecidiyeköy Metro Station around 22.30. Ünal Alakoç, who is stated to be suffering from epilepsy, entered a crisis while waiting for the subway.
One of the fall of the subway tracks of Alakoç, while the subway was under the subway. Who noticed the situation Ali Yatıkçı, put the brakes on the metro. After the subway stopped witnesses, fire, health and police teams told the teams.
The fire crews at the scene removed Alakoç, who remained between the two wagons. The first response to Alakoç, who was in serious condition, was made by the health teams waiting at the scene. Alakoç was then put on a stretcher and taken out. It was stated that Alakoç, who was taken to Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital, was injured from his head and feet, and his treatment continued in intensive care.
Due to the incident, the subway services stopped about 1 hour, and the vatman Ali Yatıkçı was taken to Şişli Police Station for his statement.


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