Metrobus Special Radio System: Radiobus

Anatolian Side Metrobus Stops and Metrobus Map
Anatolian Side Metrobus Stops and Metrobus Map

The special radio system among the metrobuses, mobile Beyaz Masa and 3 thousand new buses are just a few of them… Here is the transportation and mobile service strategy of Mayor Topbaş: We want to solve the transportation system in Istanbul. This is the most demanding. When we were evaluating the metrobus, we were saying that it does not exceed 300-400 thousand passengers. Currently, the number of passengers has exceeded 700 thousand. With Beylikdüzü, the number of passengers will reach 1 million. You cannot narrow the voyage intervals here. You can't put another 300 buses. The system does not uninstall. 5-6 wagons in the style of Qatar should come together so that 500 people get on and off at once. Because when I ask to get on one of them, the people in the back are waiting. The system is troubled. That's why I'm getting new studies done. Especially among these buses, communication will be established between the drivers and the radio system. Metrobuses will be monitored from the center with chips, the distance between the two vehicles, the voyage intervals will all be systematically connected.


We will drive at least 3 thousand buses in Istanbul for comfortable and quality transportation. Our goal is to increase the number of buses in Istanbul and not to exceed the normal passenger capacity of the bus even at the busiest hour of the morning and evening. Normal number; twice the number of people sitting and the number of standing passengers. This is a normal and comfortable bus. According to IETT General Manager, increase the number of buses and make buses comfortable until 2013. 2 thousand buses were not enough, 3 thousand buses were not enough, I bought 4 thousand buses. Currently, there are approximately 2 thousand buses, 800 thousand 5 of which are İETT. The target is 7 thousand buses. Of course, we want the excise tax on fuel to be lifted. Buses are cheaper
in order to be able to transport. You cannot raise a raise, the costs are obvious. It would be better for the SCT to be lifted.


Istanbul residents will pull a problem and negativity from their mobile phones with navigation feature and send the image to the White Table. In the program, there is a section called Alo 153 White Table. The map will appear. You can detect where you are on the map and submit your application. You take pictures of negativities such as garbage and road collapse at your location, and you instantly receive an answer from the center. In other words, the citizen sends a problem he sees with this system to the center with his photograph. The teams of the relevant unit will be guided from the center and the solution of the problem will be provided.
Then Istanbul residents will be informed. Thus, auto control will be provided. At this point in the world, we are the municipality that makes the best use of technology.


With this system, everyone will have a say in the city. Because the city is a big living space. We are living in such a century that the destinies of all people not only in the city and country but also in the world are connected. Istanbulites are in the same situation. It can affect the consequences of someone's mistake, even a person in another country of the world. With this project, citizens will now be our eyes and ears. This is the citizenship understanding of a modern city. Now, you don't call it alo, you take a picture of the negativity and send it to the municipality.

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