Skiing in April

konyaderbent aladag
konyaderbent aladag

Ski enthusiasts enjoyed skiing in the middle of April in Konya. A ski promotion activity was held at the height of 2 thousand meters of Aladağ, which is located within the borders of Derbent district and where work was carried out to make Konya's winter sports center. In the event organized by Derbent Municipality, ski lovers and a group of students from Konya enjoyed skiing in the middle of April. In addition to those who enjoy skiing with ski equipment, the student groups that share this pleasure by skiing on nylon, sacks and bags created colorful images. Aladağ attracted attention with its high parts, the crocuses blooming with the spring season, and the postcard images that it created in nature with its white and green cover. Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar introduced the region in a statement he made to reporters here.

Stating that Aladağ, which is only 30 minutes away from Konya, is like a hidden treasure of the region, Acar said that upon their initiative, the General Directorate of Youth and Sports and the Ski Federation officials revealed that it was a very suitable place for winter sports as a result of the investigations and studies in the region. . Acar stated that the authorities who will come to Aladağ again in the coming days will carry out physical studies here, and other studies will be carried out by determining the location of the track areas, hotel cable car systems. Reminding that Konya Special Provincial Administration has included in the investment program to transform Aladağ into a ski resort, Acar emphasized that the final studies will be carried out within this month regarding the investment program. Acar said, “This is the most suitable place for winter sports in Konya. Therefore, we think that there will be great returns and people will be happy here. In winter, they will not only do winter sports, but nature tourism is fast here. kazan"There will be areas where especially our important football teams can camp, and this potential will be evaluated in many ways with hiking, trekking sports and hunting areas," he said.

Meanwhile, ski enthusiast Hakan Kaynaroğlu, who skied on the slopes of the mountain within the framework of the event, emphasized that it is very nice to find such a beautiful snow to ski especially in the middle of April and said, “I hope that this ski center will be given to our Konya. We are a group of 200 people in Konya and we usually go to Isparta Davraz for skiing. After that, I hope we will come to Derbent, ”he said. - UAV

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