13 Kilometer tram arrives in Izmir M. Kemal Sahil Boulevard

Tram coming to Izmir
Construction of the 13 kilometer line, including the M. Kemal Sahil Boulevard, will be started soon to reduce traffic density.
Work will be carried out for the two-way tram line at Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, which will be the solution to the mass transportation that will be the biggest problem of İzmir and to ease the traffic. Starting from Alsancak Railway Station, it is envisaged to serve on the line planned to be terminated at Üçkuyular Market. The tram, which will depart from Alsancak Gar, will follow Atatürk Avenue and follow Cumhuriyet Boulevard in front of Konak Pier. The tram line which will pass to Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard is followed by Ş.B. Ali Official Tufan Street in parallel, will end in Üçkuyular Pazar Yeri.
Following the approval by DLH for the Üçkuyular Halkapınar line, which was prepared by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and submitted to the General Directorate of Railways Ports and Airports Construction in September 2010, permission came from the Protection Board. After the approval of the Board, the project was sent to SPO. It was learned that as soon as approval was received from the State Planning Organization, long-term loan negotiations with foreign financial institutions will begin. It is estimated that approximately 13 thousand passengers can be transported per day on the 85-kilometer tram line, which started from Üçkuyular and ended in Halkapınar with the start of the line.
Chaos if he up
On the other hand, the owners of the car park in the car park on the Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, which is serviced by İZELMAN for the subscribers, said that the tram will pass through that area. In the 19 area operated by İZELMAN on the Beach Boulevard, vehicle owners claiming that the cancellation of the parking space of the 2 car will cause problems. He said the parks will increase and the chaos of traffic will occur in the city.
What about the mansions?
Zeki Yıldırım, Head of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of City Planners, said that he supports the works of the Metropolitan Municipality on public transportation, but that there is no information sharing with the public and relevant chambers about the tram. President Yıldırım, adding that such issues, which concern all segments of the society, must be explained in detail, said, “A minimum width of 10 meters is needed for rail systems; It was not disclosed what would happen to the vehicles if they passed through the parking lot. Some say to build an underground car park, but this is not possible because there is water under it. This cannot be done without showing a place to the vehicle owners. Apart from this, in places such as Governor's Mansion, Pasha Mansion kazanThere are vested rights. Considering these, the project must be revised," he said.
Zeki Yildirim, who stated that the coastal zone in the coastal area of ​​Izmir was discussed in the meeting on the issue of arranging and arranging the coastal zone as part of the 5 section, said ğ In that meeting, the tram never came up. If there was such intention, it should be discussed and included that day. But there is no data. Again, we have learned from the public about the tram between Konak and Alsancak region is seen troubled. If they pass the line on the sea-side bike path, both the social life here will disappear and the banquets on the road will have to be filled. Hat
Rays integrated
The tram that will run on Fahrettin Altay - Alsancak - Halkapınar Line will be integrated with Konak Metro and Halkapınar Light Rail System (İZBAN). In this way, the passengers who take the tram from Üçkuyular can go to Bornova by metro or from Halkapınar to Aliağa or Menderes without taking a bus. Apart from this line, Buca Line and Narlıdere-Urla line are also among the projects of the municipality.
Ends in two years
We asked the situation of the parking lot, especially the tram line, the officials said that the project was discussed and said, ord The route will be between Üçkuyular and Halkapınar. But it is unclear at which points the line will pass through Konak. After this, the tender will be prepared with the technical specifications to be prepared. 2 can be implemented in the year after the tender is completed and the works are started. Within the scope of the project, a total of 19 stops are on the agenda. N Again, the same sources, all parks in the Mustafa Kemal Coast Boulevard is not in question, the work to be done consists of a simple rail floor and stall system, for this, a single-stranded area is enough for them, other parts will not be touched, he said.

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