İZBAN Launches Passenger Number 12 Binden 150 Bine

IZBAN General Manager Selcuk Sert and Deputy General Manager Sonmez Alev said that their goal is to increase the number of daily passengers to 300 thousand within two years. İZBAN General Manager Sert said, “Thanks to the potential created by two distinguished institutions such as State Railways and Metropolitan Municipality, this beautiful project has emerged. the first was held in Turkey in this respect. The central government and local government cooperation with Turkey in terms of such a partnership were seriously in need and was a common model. " said. Despite the fact that İZBAN started operating only 1,5 months ago, Selçuk Sert said that they carried out a self-sacrificing work. Currently, we reach up to 18 thousand passengers daily on weekdays. A year has passed since the official opening. Although we are 12 months of operation, it is a great success to reach 150 thousand passengers a day during the week. We travel 18 times a day, 150 thousand 175 kilometers. We increased the number of our passengers about 12 times. ” He spoke in the form. Stating that they carry out two different transportation operations during the day, Sert said, “We work 275 hours a day with the public transportation business we do during the morning and evening hours. The rate of passengers we carry during the day is 13 percent. In a sense, we operate in two different modes. This model has been adopted by the people of Izmir even though it has been a year or so. ” Stating that the partnership of İZBAN is a successful model, Sert said: “Railways also offered their main line management service to the city for the first time. Other provinces are also examining this project as a model. Provinces, such as Kocaeli and Gaziantep, started to work on this system. ”

Source : http://www.turkmemur.net

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