İZBAN Second Line Works Arrived in Pancar Neighborhood

İZBAN infrastructure work, with approximately 150 personnel, continues at full speed. The second line works in Pancar Mahallesi are expected to be completed by the end of the year

The work that started on November 10, 2011 within the scope of extending the ALIAĞA-Menderes light rail system line to Torbalı continues at full speed. 50 percent of the infrastructure works of the second line, carried out by Gürsesli İnelsan company, have been completed. The contractor firm, which won the tender for the construction of the 30-kilometer line, carries out excavation and filling works in the Pancar region. The teams that have completed the filling work in the 25-kilometer area will start laying the rails after filling the 5-kilometer area. It is expected that the infrastructure works, which employ about 150 personnel, will be completed by the end of the year. 30 meters of iron railings will be placed on the right and left of the railway along the 2,5-kilometer line.


With the inclusion of TORBALI in the project, the İZBAN line will increase to 110 kilometers. Following the infrastructure work and laying of the rails of the second line, Gürsesli firm will deliver the line in August. A different company will carry out the electrification work on the second line. The line to be prepared will work with the electrical system. However, the line can also be used by trains that do not run on electricity when needed. Within the scope of the additional line to be built to the Aliağa-Menderes Suburban System, one more station will be built in Tekeli, Pancar, Develi village, Torbalı and Tepeköy after Cumaovası Station. With the commissioning of the line, passengers getting off from Aliağa and the city center will have the opportunity to travel safely, quickly, uninterruptedly and comfortably to Torbalı. Selçuk, Bayındır, Tire and Ödemiş passengers will also be able to travel by rail from Torbalı to İzmir center and then to Aliağa. With the commissioning of the line, it will be possible to cover the 30-kilometer distance from Torbalı Tepeköy to Cumaovası in 25-26 minutes. After the Torbalı line is put into service, the line is planned to be extended to Selçuk.

Source : http://www.egehaberi.com.tr

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