3 to Istanbul. the bridge is another spring?

Even the "clipped" version of the 3rd highway bridge project to the Bosphorus on April 20 has been received only 5 offers. When one of them was eliminated from lack of technical, 4 candidates remained.
Even for the "cropped" version of the "3rd Bosphorus Bridge Project" project, which was insisted by the government, on April 20, only 5 bids could be received… One of them remained 4 candidates when it was eliminated from its technical lack. According to the Chairman of the Tender Commission, Assistant General Manager of Highways İhsan Akbıyık; “Salini-Gülermak, İçtaş İnşaat San.-Astaldi China Communications Construction-Doğuş İnşaat Ticaret AŞ-Yapı Merkezi-Arkon İnşaat MAPA İnşaat ve Ticaret AŞ” and “Cengiz İnşaat-Kolin İnşaat-Limak İnşaat-Makyol İnşaat-Kalyon İnşaat between China Com. Cons. He lost his right because there was not enough document in the proposal of his group. Thus, the bidding process for the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model was completed in the tender of the “Odayerl-Paşaköy section of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project”, which also included the construction of the 3rd bridge. Now the race was going to last between 4 groups and it was "hoped" that the final result of the tender will be announced in May! ..
When the commission opened the qualification envelopes, invitation letters will be sent to the tenderers who get 100 points or more out of 70 points, and others will be completely disabled. It will be remembered that there were no bidders from nearly 10 candidates in the tender held on January 20; Upon this, with the order of the Prime Minister, a 350 km highway part of the project was "cropped". It was decided to tender the 3rd bridge with only 90 km of urban connection roads. Well, if you say who will undertake the construction of this '350 km road' clipped from the project; Judging by the Minister of Transport's statement, "the state"! (Newspapers-April 21, 2012)
Facts in details
There are two reasons why I convey the news in detail; The first is that this tender actually contains details that support our predictions that "it cannot be held." The second bridge will remain "corrupt" even if the second one is held. Therefore, there is no need to hold it anyway. Let us recall once again the facts that we have mentioned many times before, in the light of the April 3 tender:

1- Isn't it interesting that the “deputy” chairman, not even the general manager, is chaired instead of a “minister” to a tender commission that the government gives great importance to? Mr. Akbıyık may of course be a cumulative bureaucrat in this regard, but with the importance given to the issue, the fact that his equivalent president is not a 'minister' raises questions about his fate.

2- Even the deaf sultan heard the DPT's “no compromise” decision that the 350-400km “North Marmara Motorway”, which will continue on the Asian and European sides, cannot be made only with “state” resources… Another cost of about 6 billion dollars in terms of “national priorities”. DPT, which argues that it is necessary for investments, does not find an unfair place, including the ruling circles. For this reason, the statement of the Minister of Transport is not realistic, and the logic of imposing the 3rd bridge without the ring road disappears by itself.
3- It is explained in the IDO reports that the 3rd bridge planned only in terms of “heavy vehicles” will be invalid when the Ro-Ro flights start. These reports, which state that 6-8 hours of distances between the two continents will be taken in 3 hours with Ro-Ro and without environmental problems, are also supported by international shipping agencies.
4- Decisions that the Turkish government will provide “annual pass guarantee” to the firm to be awarded the tender will not be considered valid by the SPO again, thus removing the assurances based on this. As a result, the tender on April 20 is enough to show that the most optimistic forecast for the third bridge is “another spring”.

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