How Marmaray Project affects sea transport

how the marmaray project affects sea transportation
how the marmaray project affects sea transportation

Marmaray Project will greatly affect inner city sea transportation. Because this area is a region where City Lines and private transportation companies transport 80% in sea transportation. Eminönü, Haydarpaşa, KadıköyAreas within a hexagon shaped as Beşiktaş, Üsküdar, Karaköy. It is absolute that Marmaray will affect this. We also know that this project is not an anti-sea project. We think that it will only significantly affect our passenger potential. As a result, the potential for carrying passengers is more than three times of maritime transport. IMM has a structure that integrates public transportation with the support of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. İBB, which is working to provide better service with many different companies, is in an effort to strengthen its service network with different modes. We are one of these modes. Sea transportation is inevitable for Istanbul, which is surrounded by water on all sides. Although there are alternative projects, maritime transport will shrink in certain areas, but will experience improvements in different areas.

What precautions do you take against this situation?

Of course, a line like Üsküdar-Eminönü will be seriously affected by the Marmaray project. Our highest transportation line. Our flights will be rearranged accordingly. We do surveys. Modes of transportation have effects and after seeing the practical results, we will produce alternatives accordingly. The Metrobus project received a lot of criticism at first. Now, it has become a project carrying close to 1 million passengers. It also managed to attract passengers in maritime transport. We anticipate that the Marmaray project will be more successful than expected by integrating with other metro transportations. We will shape our tariffs according to the situation. We already foresee a decrease of 50%, and we have shared our work on this with the Ministry in different channels. New projects for maritime transport kazanWe need to share this with the private sector as well. Sea transport is more backward than land transport. In order to eliminate this situation, we need to improve ourselves and produce typical projects. In this sense, we opened the Üsküdar-Beşiktaş line last year, which we think will increase the number of passengers. The islands are, of course, one of our important lines. Especially the lines other than the Marmaray line will become more attractive for urban sea transportation.


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