Trips stopped in Haydarpaşa, the daily travel cost reached 25 TL.

Intercity passenger transportation from Haydarpaşa Station has stopped since 31 January. Thousands of university students and laborers traveling between Sakarya, Kocaeli and Istanbul are still victims.

Thousands of university students and laborers who travel from Haydarpaşa to neighboring cities such as Kocaeli and Sakarya are victims of stoppages. The stopping of the flights was related to the process of leaving Haydarpaşa from being a gar.

Haydarpaşa's 'loss of station function' started with the Marmaray project and the construction of the High Speed ​​Train line. It is not denied by the authorities that the main plan for the station is the shopping mall and hotel projects. Meanwhile, thousands of laborers are using the trains that depart from Haydarpaşa.

First of all, it was said that the flights to Anatolia will not be held for 1 years as of February 2. The suburban expeditions are currently being made to Gebze while Gebze-Keseköy line was stopped. Meanwhile, Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş has clearly expressed his intentions regarding Haydarpaşa Station.
Designed projects, hotels, shopping centers, parking, cruise port to be used in the form of the railway rail was refined slowly.

People who travel to Istanbul from places such as Sakarya and Kocaeli, especially students, with Haydarpaşa flights, face problems such as the increase in bus prices, the absence of a transportation alternative of the same value, and the frequent journeys between home and university.

'There is already a KYK dormitory, so the problem of housing has grown even bigger'
Erhan Delioğlu, a student at Sakarya University who lives in Istanbul, stated that Kocaeli and Sakarya university students who prefer to use Adapazarı Express as the cheapest and safest way to come to their schools from the stopping of flights from Haydarpaşa.

Delioğlu also stated that he is the only state dormitory affiliated to the Credit Dormitories Institution in the city he is studying, and that the students prefer this line because they are in a position to meet at most 10/1 of the school population, and that they are facing housing problems. Indicating that he preferred this university because he had comfortable and reasonable transportation to Istanbul, Delioğlu said that with the cessation of the flights, thousands of students are now pushed into the lap of real estate and service rent.

'3,50 TL to 11 TL'
Caner Aktan, a student at Kocaeli University, states that the difficulties they faced are related to the loss of time and money: “While we were providing transportation between Maltepe and Izmit for 3,50 TL, we had to provide transportation via buses when the trains were lifted. This brought a huge financial burden to our shoulders. Bus prices increased from 10 TL to 11 TL with the departure of the trains. ”

'Our daily travel costs found 25 TL'
Aktan also experienced the time in terms of time yerine On the other hand, the average 1 hour by train, such as 20 minutes of time, traveling by bus, this time interval instead of the 2 hours came to pass. Bus companies do not stop at any other center of Harem bus station to Harem and then to get there by bus or minibus 2. we had to use a vehicle. . The cost of traveling to and from school in terms of a student would find the 25 TL Bir.

'36 is my age, 36 say they will make our lives more comfortable for years'
An education worker living in Adapazarı said about the victimization resulting from the stopping of the voyages: 36 years old 36 I've heard of it for years, our lives will be more comfortable to relax even more. But I'm not saying this lie to my kid anymore. Adapazari is canceling the train service, they say. I was more comfortable with that train. By train from Izmit to Hereke, I can reach 27 in just a few minutes. In the simplest sense, our life is simplified. I am not against high-speed trains, I only complain about the fact that the choice is not made by the laborer from the side of the public, and I complain about the fact that it is made of profit and money, and I look suspiciously at a project that can easily threaten the lives of our people through the settlements Hızlı

'We are at the mercy of private companies'
Oğuzcan Aksoy is one of the students who are studying in Adapazarı. Aksoy, who went to Istanbul by train because he was more comfortable, faster and cheaper, said that they had been at the mercy of private bus companies for about three months. He also said that he had been traveling between Adapazari and Istanbul at exorbitant prices, and that the ticket prices had been adhered to by several bus companies due to the small number of bus companies. He added that the bus stops, which were formerly sold in train tickets, were closed with stands.

'Transportation has become an ordeal'
The factory worker in Gebze, Idris Karatas, said that he had to leave at an earlier hour in order to go to work. Karataş said that he used the train because it was cheap. The fact that I had a train expedition in the early hours made it easier for me to reach the job. Adapazari-Istanbul lifted three months ago. Since then, transportation has become an ordeal. In order to get to work, we need to get up early and wait for the minibus. Minibus charges are more expensive than train prices and there is no minibus stop anywhere near the factory fiyat. Karatas also promised that the municipality will put an additional time close to the business hours, he still has not done anything, the bus station in the train station opening of the stand Adapazarı people are uncomfortable, he said.

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