Termination of Haydarpaşa Station's Function Is Part of TCDD's Liquidation Process

TCDD Applies to Privatization Administration for Haydarpaşa Port
TCDD Applies to Privatization Administration for Haydarpaşa Port

Although globalization has been an integral part of capitalism since its emergence, it gradually gained momentum in the 1970s. The goal of turning the world into a single market has made a rapid development by taking the developments in electronic and computing technologies behind.

In the process of globalization of capital; It is aimed to remove all barriers to goods and services and financial markets, and to deregulate national production and labor markets.

The indicator of the increase in economic prosperity is shown as the profitability of capital. For this reason, public services such as education, health, transportation, and social infrastructure should be left to the profit motive of the market.

Privatization works started in 1984 with the transfer of the private sector to the completion of public unfinished facilities or the establishment of a new facility. It has been continued until today within the framework of the privatization programs that gained speed since 1986.

Customizations in our country; the transfer of property, liquidation and marketization of public services, and the provision of services.

Following the liquidation of SEEs or opening up to market conditions, natural resources such as water, soil, forests, coasts and mines have been removed from being assets that all citizens can benefit from and turned into a “merchandise” position.

Privatization practices; it causes unemployment, deepening of inequality, damage to social and economic texture, migration, marketization of basic citizenship rights such as health, education, social security and infrastructure and deprivation of public services.

Privatization at TCDD

The number of employees at TCDD, which was 1975 (total of workers and civil servants) in 66.446, decreased by 35% to 1996 in 49043. Since there is no decrease in the business volume, the number of employees has been reduced by not employing new personnel, since it is aimed to increase the ratio of income to the expenses of the deteriorated income by not recruiting personnel. Employees were tried to hide their deficit by working overtime with low wages.

In 1983, while the personnel item in all expenses of TCDD was 43%, with the decrease of personnel, in 1996, personnel expenses decreased to 29% of all expenses. Non-operating expenses (Interest payments) increased from 1993% in 9 to 1996% in 41,5. As we can see from here, the disruption of TCDD's income-expenditure balance was disrupting interest payments rather than personnel expenses.

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