Hygiene is very important in İZBAN, where 150 thousand people are transported a day

Stating that they attach great importance to the cleanliness of the trains where approximately 150 thousand people are transported every day, Sert said, “We care not only about cleanliness, but also safety. We have 600 staff. 100 of them provide driving, nearly 100 technical and administrative, the rest provide cleaning and security services. We have the thought of doing something new and not like what we have done before for the system to develop continuously. While we carried 12 thousand people a day, we increased this number to 150 thousand people in a short time, but it does not satisfy us. We think about how to increase this to 200 thousand. For this, we are calculating 300 thousand with new train sets and trips. Despite this, our main target is 550 thousand. We estimate that the city will reach 2020 thousand by the 550s. The number we see ahead of us is 300 thousand passengers daily in two years with the arrival of our new vehicles. In addition, we have purchased infrastructure facilities and vehicles worth about $ 400 million. ” said.

Source : http://www.turkmemur.net

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