Gaziantep Karatas 2. test runs on stage rail system

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, the foundation of the foundation of the 2.Etap Karataş Zone Rail System in June, approached the end of the first test drive was made.

Hasan Hüseyin Sülü, Head of Science Affairs Department of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, made auctions in April last year. Rail System 2. Recalling that they started with it We laid the foundation of the project on 2 history. 24 2011.Etap (Karataş District) Project, which is planned to be in operation during the day, aims to move the people in Karataş, which has a population near the 01.06.2011 Bin, to the city center in a faster and more comfortable manner. X

. Rail System 2. As part of the Etap Project, bicycle paths will be projected and the region will gain a more modern identity. From the Akkent region to the Gaziantep University, a European city was created with the bicycle paths. Within the scope of the business, all the electric pylons in the railway system were underground, Ã he said.

Sülü stated that all horizontal and vertical elevations on the route were renewed and the asphalts were renewed by the teams of the Department of Science Affairs. Düş Our work continues at full speed. 2. We made the first test of the Phase Rail System test today. We'll continue our test runs for a while and complete our shortcomings. Karatas 2. With our Rail Rail System line starting to carry passengers, the Rail System Line, which has a total of 15 Km including Warehouse Site, will be reached to 21 Km in our city yolcu.

Source: Gaziantep.HaberPro

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