It wasn't lived since the railway (VIDEO)

A large piece of rock fell off the slope at Taşlıdere at the 11532th kilometer in front of the Van Lake Express, which was going from the center of Sivas to the direction of Kangal. The mechanic was able to stop the train without crashing, noticing the rock on the rails. When the passengers got off the train, trying to understand what was happening, he saw the rock on the railway. When the rock tried to be removed did not move from its place, the passengers and the train attendants tried to break the rock by hitting it with the stones they found from the environment. When the works, which lasted about 15 hours, were not successful, the railway workers came to the scene. Workers crushed the rock on the railway with a sledgehammer and rolled it off the rails with the help of the passengers. The train then continued on its way. One of the passengers, on the other hand, captured the events in seconds with a cell phone camera.

Source: Hürriyet

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