Railways open to private sector

A Railroad Regulation General Directorate will be established within the Ministry of Transport. The infrastructure service provider will be the Railways Administration. Infrastructure users will be both private and public. Aviation monopoly over the end of the competition and the number of passengers with the increase of 488 increased attention, the number of passengers in the railroads is expected to increase with the start of competition. After privatization, an independent board will be formed to examine all transport accidents.

The studies for the opening of the private sector, which has been foreseen for the railways for many years, has reached the stage of completion. The draft law will be submitted to the Assembly within a short period of time and is intended to be issued within this legislative year.

According to the new system prepared by the model that will see the leaps in the airways in the railways, a General Directorate of Railway Regulation will be established within the Ministry of Transport. This general directorate will be responsible for the safety of railways, the licenses to be entered into the sector and the continuation of competition in the sector. In addition, an independent aza Accident Investigation and Review Board için will be established for possible accidents. This board will be responsible for examining accidents in all transport networks, not only on railways, but also on airways.

The infrastructure services of the sector will be provided by the State Railways Administration. The services to be given by the railways will use both public and private firms. It is foreseen that the public and private sector infrastructure users in the railway sector will be merged under the name of Türktren AŞ. However, there is no clarity about the name at the moment. Following the final touch-up of the draft law, the target has been set to open the railways to the use of the private sector this year as well. Authorities, aviation industry after the start of competition in the number of passengers and turnover increases, said they expect to be seen on the railways. German railways restructuring 1994-2007 115 billion euros savings is emphasized.


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