Painting Contest within the Scope of Children Love İZBAN Project

The students who ranked in the painting contest organized within the scope of the “I LOVE İZBAN” project were given their awards.
Article: Children Love İZBAN

Students who ranked in the painting contest organized within the scope of the "I LOVE İZBAN" project initiated by İZBAN in October were given their awards.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD entered service with the cooperation of Turkey's largest urban public transport system İZBAN, is organizing various activities to introduce children to the rail system in the city and endearing. Within the scope of the project carried out under the name of "I LOVE İZBAN", a painting feast and competition was held. Speaking at the award ceremony of the competition, İZBAN Deputy General Manager Sönmez Alev said that thanks to this event, students were happy to see how much they liked İZBAN.

More than 400 paintings competed

Over 39 pictures sent by students in 400 schools visited within the framework of the project, were presented by İZBAN General Manager A.Selçuk Sert, Ege University Faculty of Education Fine Arts Education Department Lecturer Asst. Dizar Ercivan Zencirli was evaluated by Işılay Saygın Fine Arts High School Painting Teacher Feyza Haznedar and Painter Nehir Karaböcek. 10 students won various awards.

The winner of the “I LOVE İZBAN” Painting Festival was Serap Demir from Lamia Karer Primary School, followed by Mert Türk from Gürçeşme Leman Alptekin Primary School, and Murat Doğan from Gaziemir 9 Eylül Primary School. At the award ceremony attended by İzmir Provincial Deputy Director of National Education Mehmet Ceran; Mine Kızılırmak (Gaziemir İÖO), Seçil Gürbüz (Lamia Karer İÖO), Cahide Nur Duman (Gürçeşme Leman Alptekin İÖO), İrem Ay (Tuğsavul İÖO), Aycan Karadağ (Akıncılar İÖO), Beyza Sönmez (Süleyman Eczacıbaşı İÖO) and Tuğba Silici ( Gürçeşme Leman Alptekin İÖO) received the honorable mention.

At the ceremony in the garden of the İZBAN General Directorate, cotton candy and various treats were distributed to the students, while children created colorful images with their t-shirts saying “I love İzban”. Deputy Provincial Director of National Education Mehmet Ceran, who said that the participation in the feast was quite high, said, “Thanks to İZBAN's presentation of himself by visiting schools during the period between October and December, and teaching the rules of public transportation, a connection has been established between İZBAN and our students. 400 pictures sent to the feast are the best examples of this. These trains are for our students. "I want them to look at their trains like their eyes."

İZBAN Deputy General Manager Sönmez Alev, who thanked the students and their teachers who encouraged them, stated that they had a very good day and said, “Everyone here knows the importance of the rail system and its beautiful effects on a city. The table I saw once again showed us how much the students loved İZBAN. We have seen once again today that you will protect and love İZBAN. You have reflected your inner İZBAN on your pictures and created such beautiful works that; Our jury had a hard time choosing. I thank you for your participation, ”he said.

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