Kastamonu Municipality Castle and Clock Tower Ropeway Project is expected to be approved by the High Council of Monuments for the announcement of the construction tender

Kastamonu Municipality realized by
”Castle and Clock Tower Cable Car Project t
New developments have been recorded.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; construction tender
High Council of Monuments
waiting for approval.
Authorities, prepared application projects for approval
Monuments sent to the High Council and required
after the approval of the construction tender
companies will be asked to register said. Bids
is planned to be taken in the first half of the year.
Ropeway system to be built on 430 hectares
about 724 meters long and if the height from the ground
30 or 31 meter will be. 6x3x2 of the Ropeway System
group gondola so called single rope circulating fixed
a clamped drive with a turn station
to be constructed as a system with technology
Scheduled. 4 with system 20 per minute
460 people can be moved per hour with travel time.

Source : I www.yatirimlar.co

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