A group of farmers started hunger strike for 'high speed train' in Gürsu district of Bursa

A group of farmers started a hunger strike in Bursa's Gürsu district to prevent the high-speed train line from passing through the plain.
Kamil Dönmez, who came from 10 villages in the district and the President of Gürsu Chamber of Agriculture, started a hunger strike in front of Gürsu Municipality. Dönmez and villagers want the train route to change. The villagers said they would stay in a tent and continue a hunger strike in front of the town hall until the itinerary changes. The group of about 200 people gathered in front of the city hall, they brought with them "Dealing with the farmer, the farmer", "We are against the station, not the high-speed train", "The master of the peasant nation" and "Why is the President station insistence?" He opened written banners and shouted slogans.

Gursu 30 percent of villages in the plains of pears produced in Turkey Donmez Chamber of Agriculture President Kamil stating grown, "We are running the harvest period around 2500 workers. Annual contribution of greenhouse activities in the district to Gürsu is 9 million liras. It is played by the labor of our people with the high-speed train project with Ankara and Gürsu collaborators. We are not against the high-speed train. We are against dagger stuck in the heart of our region, one of the most beautiful plains in the world. While nature is being slaughtered, we cannot make sense of the minority's festival and nature fair. ”

Stating that the high speed train line will destroy a thousand decares of 1st class agricultural land in Gürsu plain, Dönmez said, “There are greenhouses in 150 decares of this land. Annual material damage to the plain will be 6 million TL. Besides, the construction around the station will damage the plain, "he said.

Source : http://www.bursahakimiyet.com.tr



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