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Bursa Rail System: Recep Altepe, Bursa, the city of 1 trillion dollar market under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality for the first time in the domestic vehicle producing vehicle, he said.

BURSA - Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that Bursa is the city that produced the domestic vehicle for the first time in a sector (rail systems) under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality (rail systems). What did we say? Bursa will become the center of the rail systems and it will be, '' he said.

Bursa Rail System

Altepe, 3 annual activities to tell the Merinos Atatürk Congress and Culture Center at a press conference, produced so far, the number of projects initiated, said 1069.

Although the city revenues are less than Kocaeli, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Mersin, Altepe pointed out that Bursa, the subway, the tram and the stadium were built by him and that he repaired the historical monuments.

Altepe, 496 completed the project until today, the investment they made in these three years will be 1,2 billion pounds this month, the Metropolitan Municipality of 10 said that the annual investment.

As the Metropolitan Municipality does not have official debts, only the contractor companies have a debt, explaining that they are in good financial position Altepe, '' Currently, all credit institutions and banks, they are coming to us, to give new loans, '' he said.

During this period, the most important work of the Metropolitan Municipality, under the leadership of Turkey's first domestically produced tram 'Silkworm emphasized that the manufacturing Altepe, said:

'' We said; domestic vehicles, trams will do, indigenous subway cars, domestic trains, and when we said we would do so many did not believe. Here is the vision of the Metropolitan Municipality and today, here is a factory that makes the sheet metal cutting machine is currently being made tram. 6 of the world. It was the country tram, metro Turkey and the countries 7. company also came out of Bursa. This Municipality's guidance, projects that draw our consultants and our friends and Silkworm Bursa in Turkey's agenda at the moment. Bursa, 15 is a sector in the year 1 trillion dollars in the market, this is the first time in the domestic vehicle producing city. (AA)

This tool is native to 99 percent. But there are currently two vehicles produced, passing the test, it means close to world standards, ie be able to walk on European streets, in Germany, in France, in the standard can be walked in Italy, he ended up in the car and will drop rail in the coming days, you'll see that Turkey It can do much more quality than Europe. This vehicle is completely Bursa property, domestic goods, the brain is also the head of the wheels at the whole project is also native. In the coming days, the vehicle will be made in accordance with the world standards will be made. ''

Altepe, stating that Ankara also stands behind this industry, '' Now this work has been brought to the condition of the 51 domestic, this is done in Bursa now. Now, tender areas in Turkey, tools to make here is that if even if the foreign firms. Currently, many partnership offers to Bursa. What we said; Bursa will be and become the center of rail systems. It was the most difficult part of the past on this issue, not only in Turkey at the moment is no longer in this world, especially in Europe, Bursa spoken on this issue, '' he said.

- '' Rough construction has passed 60 percent '' - Bursa Rail System: Bursa next year, the world-wide organizations that meet the 45 thousand people stating that a stada Altepe, said:

'' This stat will add a lot to Bursa, Bursa's vision will be one of the monumental structures of Bursa during this period. The person who entered the stadium, will understand that Bursa is not an ordinary city. The person entering this stadium, Bursa is a big, important city, is a world city, will understand that the world gives importance, we also give importance. Hopefully next year will be the most talked about, one of the issues will be raised to the stadium. When it's over, The rough construction is now over the 60. ''

On a question, the official institutions do not have debts, other debts of the 130-140 million pounds Altepe, 4 90 million liras in the first month of 35 entering the vault, so the debts of the debt, the contractors to the XNUMX million pounds, he said.

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