Beyoğlu-İstiklal Street Infrastructure and Regulation Works

Information about the Infrastructure and Arrangement Works of Beyoğlu-İstiklal Street, planned by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, were published.
Works will be performed between 23.00 and 07.00 hours, demountable work cabins will be collected at 07.00 and the area will be adapted to pedestrian traffic.

The first stage of Beyoğlu-İstiklal Street Infrastructure and Arrangement Works, which will be realized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is the restoration and restoration of the Historical Vault between the French Consulate and Galatasaray High School, which was started at midnight on 5 April 2012, by ISKI General Directorate. .
28 June 2012 will complete the work of ISKI after the completion of the Nostalgic Tram Line will begin maintenance and change.

A) Reasons for Renewal of İstiklal Street Infrastructure
The deformation caused by the stretching of the tram rails on the street is broken or broken by the passing of the vehicles for the suppliers of the commercial shops in the street.
The historical vault (wastewater removal channel) passing under the avenue brought some restrictions to the works.
For this purpose, before the work on the renovation of the floor covering of İstiklal Street with a different design and material, the historical vault will be covered with precast concrete by a special construction method and the historical value will be preserved by the İSKİ and the ground will be stabilized.
In this way, it will be prevented that the tram rails will be stretched and that the floor covering and other infrastructure systems (natural gas, electricity, internet and telephone, fiberoptic lines, wastewater and rain water lines) will be rebuilt in such a way that they will not deteriorate again.

B) Beyoğlu Istiklal Street -French Consulate and Galatasaray High-Historic Vault
Sides stone wall, ceiling brick, width 120 cm. height 180 cm. 563 meters in length, horseshoe shape, the Ottoman period with the vault of rainwater and wastewater from the region are removed.
Due to the wastes and rainwater, the vault has been damaged.
In the direction of 9 March 2011 dated and 4315 numbered decision of the Istanbul Regional Board of Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage of Istanbul II, the relief of the work was taken by the İSKİ General Directorate and the vault was covered with precast concrete and the original parts will be partially exhibited.
The interior of the vault will be covered with precast concrete by entering from the 5 shafts to be opened on İstiklal Street, thus strengthening the vault.

Studies about the historical vault:
Works will be carried out between 23.00 and 07.00 hours.
Daytime work will also be done when deemed necessary.
The work cabins are demountable and the clock will be collected at 07.00 and adapted to the pedestrian traffic on the manhole.
5 April 2012 (today) At the midnight of Galatasaray High School, Tonoz cleaning work will be started and the area will be ready for the project.

4-5 days after the opening of the shaft will be installed demontable cabinets.
For safety purposes, the mouse and its live output will be blocked by a fine-spaced wireframe at the start and end points of the stage within the gallery.

The chimneys are specified in 1 project; Dimensions from inside to inside (2.50 × 3.00) m; the base levels will be at the same level as the vault gallery base level. Manholes will be built
Pedestrian road covering material during the work on the reinforced concrete manhole; sliding or folding doors shall be mounted from the checkered sheet.
Precast elements will be mounted within the gallery with port-pallet.

To carry the precast elements into the gallery and perform the optimum work items on the vaulted side wall; 1.50 × 2.00 size; A gallery with the upper part in the form of an arch is opened (the inner surface and the wall of the gallery will be strengthened with a steel construction enclosure and even the gallery will be connected with the manhole wall). The passage on the vault wall (1.50 × 2.00m) will be opened without damaging the structure with the core drilling machine.
The precast elements that have been manufactured in accordance with the project and their details and brought to the construction site will be carefully placed in the manhole with the help of the crane and the assembly will be carried out with the movement within the gallery.
During the precast installation in the vault, the vault appearance can be observed by installing special precast elements with laminated glass windows of 40 x XUMX cm as required by the Board of Monuments.
Following the precast installation; The cement shall be injected with the grout-injection machine between the precast elements and the membrane covered in the vault.

C) Beyoğlu Nostalgic Tram Line
The Nostalgic Tram of the 22 tramway has been damaged in the overhead line due to friction and the tensioning wires are tired. Corrosion has occurred on the base of existing rails.
Some parts of the line have breakage and abrasion in the scissors.
Within the scope of the study, rails and cantilever system rope and tensioners will change.

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