Negotiations Started with Ankara to speed up the permits of the Cable Car Project to Babadağı

The efforts for the establishment of a cable car in Babadağı, which is located in the Fethiye district of Muğla and which is one of the world's favorite paragliding tracks, accelerated. Fethiye Power Union Tourism Trade Limited Company, founded by Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FTSO), initiated a ministerial-level work to obtain the necessary permits.

Fethiye Power Union Tourism Trade Limited Company's Special Environmental Protection Agency for the 5 year to take the right to operate the construction of the cable car to Babadagı'a began. To speed up the process of obtaining legal permits for the construction of the ropeway project, FTSO management has been expelled from Ankara. Chairman of the Board of Directors Akif Arıcan, Secretary General Füsun Şahin and his coordinator Oğuz Ertürk, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization General Director of Natural Assets Protection Osman İyimaya, Forestry General Manager Mustafa Kurtulmuşlu met with.

Explaining that there were positive developments in overcoming the obstacles in the legal permit process of the project as soon as possible, FTSO President Akif Arıcan said that both general managers of the project will be sent to Fethiye as soon as possible. kazanHe stated that he wanted to be fired. Speed ​​to cable car project kazanExpressing that AK Party Muğla Deputy Ali Boğa gave great support to them, Arıcan said, “We are considering going out to tender for the ropeway project in the next 2 months. As we have explained before, we hope that a cable car will be installed on Babadağı for the 2013 tourism season. We have talked to 3 companies about the ropeway so far.” said.

Mr. Akif Arıcan, President of FTSO, added that they had invited Osman İyimaya, General Director of Nature Preservation, to Fethiye in order to see the state of the Gulf.

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