"Teleferik" Allegation from AK Party Members

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) The members of the Ordu Municipal Assembly Supervisory Board claimed that the Municipality of Ordu has been forced to pay more money to the contracting company and it is not legal to pay the excess.

The written statement made by the members of the AK Party Supervisory Board of the Ordu Municipality claimed that there were some illegal issues on the ropeway as a result of the inspection carried out in the municipal budget. The statement contained the following information: i The technical specification prepared by the Contracting Authority (municipality) shall be as follows: 13. The agent; Ina All projects and site lists of the tender subject work shall be prepared by the contracting contractor and submitted to the approval of the contracting entity. Construction work will begin after the approval of the administration. ' The above article clearly states what needs to be done. In any case, the contractor company made the project of the items not included in the price increase, but did not prepare the list of the relevant project and site and submitted it to the approval of the administration. However, the project and site list is the lifeblood of this work. It shows the unit amount and all the features of all the work items in the work to the finest detail. However, when the work is done, we can determine which item is missing from the project and site list. Unfortunately, we do not have a list of projects and places, so it is not possible to do such a determination. The technical specification prepared by the administration is 13. We have identified and signed the report that the project does not contain the list of the projects and places requested by the contractor. In the working principles of the Commission, the Commission may require external technical experts if it deems necessary. We have brought such a proposal to the commission some of our commissioner friends suggested that we solve this issue among us. So we asked them to bring a technical staff who knew this work to their own acquaintance and called for the best of healing. Our friends from this commission brought a technical staff from the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization. This friend, after reviewing the issue, stated that this payment could not be made. Then the mayor was interviewed as commissioners. The mayor told us that he also met with the technical staff we met and he thanked us for the fact that this increase was made inadvertently. They declared that they would stop the payment. Em


The statement, the emergence of the result of the work of the municipality to do the necessary work on the work of the commission for twenty days, again, the result of the increase in the amount of increase in the amount of only a decrease of 59 thousand pounds was noted that the following: and that the work is 'turnkey lump sum' because there is no benchmarking, and therefore, only forty-second pens, which can be paid on the turnover of fifty-seven (57) units, can be paid on 96 thousand 815 we want to indicate. The reason why the transformer should be paid is 10 of the technical specification prepared by the administration. of 2. 'The system will be provided up to the main board by the administration as the main feed 3x380v50HZ' in the lower and upper station of the system. If this note on the transformer was not included in the technical specifications, it would be under the responsibility of the contractor in the transformer. Because this work directory is the starting and ending project, site list, technical specification. The only document in the file is the technical specification. There is no starting and space list. For all these reasons, ignoring the payment of this money to be paid by making this discovery increase means to support the wrong application and not to do our duty for us. If the municipal administration does not take into account the report we have prepared and does not carry out the work until the first May parliamentary meeting, we will take legal action.

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