Turkish Companies Demand for 40 Billion Dollars Metro

Turkler aspire to billion dollar metro
Turkler aspire to billion dollar metro

For the 50-kilometer metro line in Qatar, seven Turkish companies have been qualified to bid for $ 40 billion. Qatar, which is the most favorite contracting market of the last period, has become the new address of Turkish companies. Seven Turkish companies will enter the $ 40 billion metro tender to be held in Qatar in August.

According to the news of the World Newspaper, it has already started to be tendered in sections for giant projects with 125 billion dollars in the country. It is stated that most of these tenders were sued by Saudi companies.

Qatar Metro Project

On the other hand, Turkish companies, which provide the second largest contracting service in the world and have made $ 7.6 billion business in Qatar, are also interested in these projects. Providing information on the subject, Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Contractors Association, Emre Aykar, stated that after Qatar received the 2022 FIFA World Cup, he made important infrastructure investments and said, “The basis of these are investments such as subways, underground stations, railroads, stadiums and shopping malls. Of course, Qatar has become a very important market in our region. Many Turkish companies aspire to these jobs in Qatar. This is a process that has been going on for about a year. These are international and large projects, and Turkish companies participated in this process together with the world's leading construction companies. ”

Explaining that the first step of participating in tenders is to get pre-qualification, Aykar continued: “To get pre-qualification, companies first went and introduced their companies and made presentations to the administrations. The companies that received the qualification 10 days ago have been announced. There are also Turks in these companies. They received a pre-qualification certificate from Yapı Merkezi, STFA, Doğuş, Makyol, Yüksel İnşaat, Gülermak and Rönenans to enter the 50-kilometer subway tender. A few days ago we received the tender dossier. 100 companies applied for this project, 18 groups participated. Among the four groups in these 18 groups, there are these seven Turkish companies. These 4 groups will prepare five separate tender packages and will participate in the tender in August. The size of the tender is said to be around $ 18 billion.

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