Government Support to Light Rail System Project

Özcan, mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. The government should support the light rail project.
The implementation of the urban transformation project will eliminate primitive images.

  • Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Macit Özcan said that urban transformation will eliminate the primitive image at the entrance of Mersin.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality held its April meeting under the chairmanship of Mayor Macit Özcan. At the meeting, Mayor Özcan, responding to the criticism of the party groups regarding the 2011 fiscal year report of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the municipality's performance for the 2011 fiscal year was 90 percent, and that a deviation of 10 percent would be a great success in performance measurement. Expressing that the problem of the Light Rail System project in the activity reports is the budget and they need government support in this regard, Özcan said, “We also expect support from our AK Party municipal council members on this issue. However, we have to get the opinions of the tradesmen on the route where the light rail system will pass. Because Antalya has experienced great difficulties in this regard in the past. In the meantime, our city's Transportation Master Plan has been prepared, ”he said.

Explaining that they started to make arrangements at the entrance of the city, Özcan said, “The pilot neighborhoods where urban transformation will be implemented are located at the entrance point of the city. The implementation of the urban transformation project will also eliminate this primitive image ”.

Stating that they have obtained the necessary approvals from all relevant institutions of the state for the construction of the aquapark and they have completed the facility, Özcan stated that there are no illegal elements related to the aquapark facility, but that they will open the facility this month, upon the complaint of a citizen, that they will open the facility at a later date. Informing that they switched to the smart card system in transportation, Özcan said, “Smart card application has now started in our buses. In this way, we will prevent illegal passenger and fake ticket applications and make our business more profitable. "

Following the statements of Chairman Özcan, the Assembly Meeting ended with the election of the plan and budget, environment and health, development and public works, education-culture and sports and transportation commissions and members of the Council.

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