Karşıyaka tram came to approval

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's Alaybey-Karşıyaka-Mavişehir tramway to be established on the route of approximately 10 kilometers, approved by the General Directorate of DLH

15 stops and tram lines planned with 17 vehicles will be equipped with double lines and catenary systems. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to work for tram lines that will implement the subway system in a complementary manner and bring a new breath to the urban traffic. In this context, one of the three tram lines Karşıyaka tram route was approved by DLH General Directorate of Ministry of Transport.

Alaybey-Karşıyaka-The planned tram line with 10 stops and 15 vehicles on the route of approximately 17 kilometers between Mavişehir will be equipped with double lines and catheter system. Application project is ready Karşıyaka tram, starting from Alaybey by the coast Bostanlı Pier, and then from Ismail Sivri Street, Cemal Gursel Street, Sehit Cengiz Topel Street, Selcuk Yasar Street and Cahar Dudayev Boulevard followed by Izban Cigli warehouse facilities next to Mavisehir Suburban Station .

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, on the other hand, continues its work for the tram lines 13 with 19 stop and 21 vehicle with 5,5 distance between Fahrettin Altay Square and Konak-Halkapınar and 9 stop and 10 car park at Şirinyer-DEÜ Tınaztepe Campus.

While waiting for the approval of DLH for Buca tramway, construction tender preparation for the Konak tramway continues. With the realization of these planned tram lines, public transportation will be done by tram instead of bus. Tram lines, cheap and cost-effective, the complementary function of the subway system, the city will add to the daily life in terms of harmony with the richness of the wheel caused by public transportation traffic and air pollution comes to the forefront with the elements of negativity.

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