Rail system enterprises in Başkent are transferred to BUGSAŞ for a year

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council accepted the transfer of rail system enterprises to BUGSAŞ for a year by majority.
Metropolitan Municipality Council, Deputy Chairman Ali İhsan Ölmez chaired the meeting of the presidency of the rail system enterprises to be transferred to BUGSAS for a year, discussed the decision. It was decided to pay the 20 of the revenue generated from the tickets used in rail systems to the General Directorate of EGO. In the meeting, the presidential letter regarding the granting of fruit juice, milk and cake to the students who participated in the program in the Child Traffic Education Park which is located in the Kurtuluş Park which is the article of another day was also accepted unanimously.

At the meeting of the Metropolitan City Council, the presidency letter regarding the addition of the appropriation to the 2012 Fiscal Year Budget of the EGO General Directorate was transferred to the Plan and Budget Commission, while the presidency letter regarding the establishment of a sister city relationship between the Maputo Municipality and the Metropolitan Municipality of the Republic of Mozambique. was also referred to the EU and Foreign Relations Commission. In accordance with the agenda items, the presidential letter regarding the sale or exchange of properties owned by the Metropolitan Municipality of Keçiören and Çankaya districts was transferred to the Law and Tariffs Commission.

Source : http://www.ankarahaber.com

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