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17 awarded Gülermak-Kolin Business Partnership with the 186 million 235 bin 935 euro, the lowest bid in Başkentray Project tender

The tender of the Başkentray Project, which includes the reconstruction of the ANKARA - Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş train lines, was offered by 17 domestic and foreign companies and business partnerships. The lowest bid for the tender was Gülermak-Kolin Business Partnership with 186 million 235 thousand 935 euro.

The tender of the Başkentray Project was held at the TCDD General Directorate Conference Hall. TCDD Deputy General Director Ismet Duman, Russia, China, Spain and Italy's major companies participated in the tender, including the domestic and foreign 17 company and business partnership offers, 2 company sent a letter of thanks.

350 832 791 by TCDD gave Gülermak-Kolin Partnership with the 186 million 235 thousand 935 euro the lowest bid for the project determined the approximate cost of the euro XNUMX thousand. After making the necessary evaluations, the tender commission will give the job to the partner offering the most appropriate proposal.

The Ankara-based Başkentray Project, which will make a major contribution to Ankara's urban passenger transport, also includes many innovations. With the Başkentray Project planned to be transported to 36 million passengers annually, Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Projects will be provided in Ankara. High Speed ​​Train travel time of 110 minutes in the existing corridor between Ankara and Xinjiang will be reduced by 19 minutes to 8 minutes. The travel time between Ankara and Eskişehir will also decrease to 11 hours.

The existing 4 roads between Ankara and Behiçbey will increase to 2, 2 for high-speed trains, 2 for suburban and 6 for conventional trains. A total of 2 roads will be constructed between Behiçbey and Sincan, 2 for high-speed trains, 1 for suburban and 5 for conventional trains.

Between Ankara and Kayas, there will be 2 suburban units, 1 units and 1 units for 4 units. 36 mileage will be laid on the total 184 kilometer. Within the scope of the project, 25 platform, 13 highway underpass, 2 highway overpass, 26 pedestrian underpass and 2 pedestrian overpass will be constructed.

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