Erzurum's rapid train will meet in 2017

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Director Ahmet Basaran in Erzurum Erzurum Station kavuşacağını speed train unveiled in 2017. ages that bypass Turkey's railway transportation, stating the field of transport in the Turkey in railway transport with the reforms implemented that rises to brand the country situation was awesome, reported 2023 thousand kilometer line will be completed in the year 10 scope Speed ​​Rail Project.


Erzurum stated that larger vision of rail transport in parallel with developments in Turkey awesome. Among the provinces that will benefit from the high-speed train project, Erzurum is located in the front row, in this context, the 200 mile railway network will be established, he said.
Giving information about the Haydarpaşa flights to the Eastern Express, Başar, Haydarpaşa'da due to the construction of the train service in Erzurum-Ankara-Erzurum connection was passed. Başar, the removal of Haydarpasa flights do not affect the number of passengers, the interest in train travel in Erzurum continues to increase increasingly.
"The 2012 will be the Year of TCDD," he said, adding that TCDD's Erzurum-based service program will be shared with the public on the Provincial Coordination Board, which will be held in April.

Source: Erzurum Newspaper



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