Counting days for Uzungol cable car.

Trabzon Governor Recep Kızılcık said that the cable car project in Uzungöl, which will cost approximately 7 million euros, has reached the final stage. Cranberry, 'With the construction of the Çakırgöl Ski Center road, the work has accelerated. kazanwill ache. We allocated land for the construction of a hotel in Çimenli to Saudi businessmen. We hope that this investment will start as soon as possible," he said.
Trabzon Governor Recep Kizilcik, tourism investments in Trabzon continue without a break, he said.
Gumushane is located within the borders of the Sumela Monastery approximately 10 kilometers away from the Cakirgöl Ski Center for the establishment of 5 year-long infrastructure work has reached the last stage of the Governor Cranberry, said that the road work tender was made to facilitate transportation. Governor Recep Kızılcık said, “We are in an effort to develop alternative tourism destinations in order to make our Trabzon an alternative tourism center. One of them is Çakırgöl. Gumushane is located within the borders of Cakirgol, Sumela'ya approximately 10 kilometers away because of the construction of a ski tourism center 5 years ago was started. Here is where 5 annual profit measurement study results in the longest stay in Turkey was determined to personally profit scientific research. Tender of road works to facilitate transportation of this place was also made. Until September, the construction of the road from Sumela to Çakırkgöl Ski Center will be completed. After that, it will probably be agreed with a company to build the infrastructure of this center. In this regard, the demands will be collected and the infrastructure of a company will be allocated to the other hotels through its ingenuity. ” Addressing the work of establishing a cable car in the tourism town of Çaykara, Uzungöl, Governor Cranberry 'A fellow countryman living in France came to me about 2012 years ago and expressed his desire to make a cable car here. We told him we'd help him. He is in consultation with the relevant institutions in order to receive incentives. According to the last information I received, he was in the process of getting the incentive. After that, the decision will be made about the investment. We are talking about an investment of approximately 2 million euros here. ”



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