Railway, Land and Airframe Infrastructure Preparations for Euro 2012 of Ukraine.

Euro 2012 European Football Championship, which will be hosted in Ukraine, will be held in different cities in order to reach the infrastructure is questioned the adequacy of the infrastructure. The length of the distance between the capital Kiev and Lviv, Kharkiv and Donetsk cities causes UEFA concerns about the Ukrainian transport system. In Ukraine, regulations on air, land and rail transport systems are planned and the final preparations for Euro 2012 are planned to end soon.

Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Borys Kolesnikov said that the studies carried out in the field of airlines will provide a positive result: ın UEFA has pointed out that since the beginning Euro is the main transportation system for 2012. We have started the construction of four new international airports in Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Lviv within the country and considering the distance between Ukraine and Western European countries. Construction is almost over. Now we are in the process of training staff. At the same time 15 May and 15 July are going to the new regulations on our airline field. Under the international contract, every airline company can make a flight to Ukraine by requesting. Dahilinde

Low-priced companies such as ”Ryan Air yan or 'EasyJet Bor are not expected at Borispil Airport in Kiev, the country's most important international airport. Borispil, Ukraine's first fully-fledged transfer terminal, has a new terminal with an annual capacity of 15 million. The terminal is still under construction.

Borispil Airport general manager Anton Volov, the end of the end of all preparations to open the terminal will be opened to passengers as follows: ın This terminal, which is the largest terminal in the country, was equipped with modern systems never seen in Ukraine before. Innovations such as a fully automatic luggage system with 5 grade access control, 11's air bridge and laser clamping system have been introduced. Örneğin

There are also ongoing efforts to provide better service and comfort for railway passengers.

State Railways of Ukraine "ukrrailways" in the acting general manager Leonid Loboyko, expressing that they aim to make railway transport more efficient through new investments: "The euro before 2012 based on made Hyundai-Rotem contract, will buy 9 wagons 6 one Korean train. In addition, we ordered a two-story train to the Czech Republic to l Skoda Ayrıca. In addition, domestic producers, Kryukov Vagon Construction Factory, has designed a new train with 9 wagon. Bun

Tourists who want to try local transport can buy tickets from Soviet-era trains, which are still in majority in UkrRailways.

For those who want to get to know Ukraine, another option is the highway. The biggest infrastructure problem in Ukraine is that the highways should be open to the adventure.

The head of the Ukrainian Organizing Committee, Markiyan Lubkivskyi, criticized the international media about the road news, We could not build a highway in such a short time. That was not possible. I can guarantee that Euro 2012 cities and intercity roads will not embarrass us ve.

During the championship, the spectators will be able to use public transport free of charge once they have entered the city. Lukivksyi explains the details of this application with the following words: Taşıma Free Transport Initiative ın is not an innovation for UEFA. Applied in the past. All participants with a championship ticket will be able to use the 24 watch during the match day and 12 hours after the match.

Airlines, railways and highways Ukrayna Euro 2012 will visit Ukraine in these three options to explore different aspects of Ukraine.

Source: tr.euronews.com

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