Father of Turkish Railways: BEHİÇ ERKİN


If we live as free and independent citizens today, we are looking at the seas as ours, if we hear the warmth of their heart in this land ... This is the work of our heroes who, with determination, courage and existence to our independence, make their lives for their homeland when necessary.

Here is one of these heroes, Dedicated to serve the people, the love of his country, the iron man of the republic ın Courage, tenacity, industriousness, the will of the body lı, Under any condition can take its own right decision, able to stay free, independent-minded… biri Turkish Railways his father; Behic Erkin.

Fifty years ago, 11 passed away in 1961 in November. In the fiftieth year of our departure, we have once again committed ourselves to remembering this beautiful person once more, even in a short piece of writing for the people of this country.

Behiç Erkin, a good soldier, a successful general manager and minister, was an ambassador and politician who had the skills to represent his country in the best way possible.

Behiç Bey was the man who managed the shipment to his death at the Battle of Çanakkale. It has been a major contributor to winning the war by ensuring the smooth and accurate shipment of troops to the front. The 1, given by the German Emperor after this war, to the very few people of the German state, who are not German. He was awarded the rank of Iron Cross.

He was the first Turk to write a Turkish work on ıs The History, Use and Organization of Railways in terms of Military Service ından, which includes his experiences in the field of railway installation and operation during the First World War.

He was one of Atatürk's closest friends. Atatürk shared his thoughts with Behiç Bey in private letters and exchanged ideas on country and world issues.

During the War of Independence, he was assigned to serve on all fronts of soldiers, weapons and supplies. Mustafa Kemal said, c I know what to do in the fronts, but I don't know how our army will be shipped to the fronts quickly, it may be possible with the management of the masons by a competent person, you can be exempt from this, and you will be able to dispatch the soldiers to the fronts by the armstrests, I can be so,: said Behiç Bey, who undertook this duty upon his remarks: bu no one interferes with his work im. This requirement was accepted by Mustafa Kemal. During the war, Behiç Bey transported soldiers, ammunition, supplies, supplies, and rail to the front.

The following telegram from Ankara Nafıa depicts the situation in the best manner in the minutes when the Great Offensive started; ”From this moment on, all the nation sees our altruistic shameful followers as the only victory of our hero army after Allah“.

22 In February 1922, a request is received from Behçet Bey, Kazım Bey, from the Front of the Garp Front. M In particular, the cavalry needs strong sword, but the army has no sword left. Yay Behiç Bey procured all the steel he could find in the railways, particularly the unused wagon springs, within a week and delivered them to Kazım beye. Thus, in the War of Independence, the steel of the Turkish Railways was joined to the sharp sword of the Turkish Army.

Behiç Bey was honored with both the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Independence Medal for his important roles and achievements in the War of Independence.

During the time of the Ministry of Public Works, nationalization of the railroads, Turkishization of the operating language, and the establishment of the first public private museum. Later, he gave autonomy to the Engineering School which is named as İstanbul Technical University, and the university courses were translated into Turkish. making the idea of ​​providing for the establishment of paternity and putting its signature to the founding decree with Ataturk, Turkey has the first official assistance funds under the so Behiç Bey's name as a first establish the Retirement Fund.

When Atatürk issued the Surname Law, he reported his last name with his handwriting and sent it to me personally. He also asked that the surname 37 be handed over to the Turkish Language Association. Ği Erkin soy is the surname of the first surnames of the country given to 37.su Behiç Bey. His statement is as follows; "Regardless of the circumstances in which he / she can think correctly without being affected by the conditions, he can remain independent."

Behiç Bey, with his diligence, knowledge, discipline and experience, had won the love of all the railroaders in the country.

Beylasminel Railways Congress (Simplon and Orient Express) At the initiative and invitation of Behiç Bey, 19 met for the first time in history in Istanbul at the High Engineering School (ITU).
One day, an American came to Ankara to visit Behic Bey and said, in Give up the construction of the railway, let's make a joint highway and motor transport vehicles and passengers and goods transport. Inde He said. Behic Bey asked the American:? This road material is made of tar, right? “Ord Yes, Bey said the American. This pitch is obtained from oil, right? he asked. Amerikalı Yes, “said the American. Amerikalı So the vehicles that will run on the highway will use diesel or gasoline? Vasıt üstünde Yes, “said the American. U Do we have this oil? Bizde Behiç Bey asked. Amerikalı No, I'm afraid, “said the American. Tır This country could not use coal, although it can cut the trees and wood by operating the trains of the enemy against the enemy has stood up to gain freedom. If you make us so needy for this oil, we'll be left to defend the homeland, who knows what to do. On the occasion of experiencing these difficulties, I find the objection of making every place of my country in the name of national interests, in the name of national interests, et said Behiç Bey.

31 1939 was appointed as Ambassador to Paris. 2 is the day after Germany's invasion of Poland. World War I started. A few months later, France was under the Nazi occupation. On the days when Jews were dismissed from their jobs, their money was confiscated, and sent to concentration camps, Behiç Bey gave the 1, which the Germans rarely gave to a stranger. Using the power of the Iron Cross Cross Medal, he managed to save a lot of lives.

Emezs You cannot apply these laws to Turkish Jews. Because in my country there is no discrimination between religion, language and race. It is against our laws to impose certain obligations on a certain part of my citizens. Eye Behiç Erkin, who resisted the Nazis, saved his life with his colleagues and saved the life of Turkish and non-Turkish Jews near 20.000. 6 million Jews in the direction of genocide in a direction they do not know the trains on the trains to Auschwitz while traveling, Behçen Bey on the moon-stars, yıldız Ambassador's Wagons ch on the trains put the 20.000 Jewish opposite the same tracks, as well as living on the territory of Germany He has managed to send to Turkey. Considering that Oscar Shindler saved 1.100 people, it is better understood what Behiç Erkin accomplished.

His name was Behiç Erkin. Mustafa Kemal's close friend was his friend. Republic of Turkey was founded on the solid foundation of a great patriot who contributed. 11 has passed away at 1961. Esk Bury me at the intersection of the railroads Esk testament was buried in the municipality of Eskişehir (Enveriye), where Izmir-İstanbul-Ankara lines converged.
Now passing every moment of every moment, he is doing his eternal rest by listening to the sounds of the trains he loves an

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