The Winter Victory of the Railway Lions.

In the winter season, when heavy snowfall was effective, the railroad workers struggled without interruption. Kayseri Railway Station Operation Manager Selahattin Sarıkaya said that road maintenance and repair teams work selflessly during the winter season and that it is pleasing that no time is completed without interruption. Road sergeant Arif Demirel said that in the winter season, 76 team carried out studies such as rail breaks, snow spraying, scissor settings, breaking and transporting of ice in tunnels in different regions.
Demirel, al We are particularly alarmed due to the icing in the 6 tunnels in the region where we are responsible. It's really hard to work in tunnels with a 740 meter. But we have made great efforts throughout the winter to prevent transportation. The teams worked in minus the 35 without any break. Eks
On the other hand, the photographs of workers who call themselves 'railway lions', reflecting on the lens, also revealed how the white cover made working conditions difficult.

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