Topbaş Inaugurated the Metrobus Line in Lahore, Consulted by Transportation Inc.

Sharif of Lahore said that Turkish companies contributed to the country by selling products, technology and services.

Having made official contacts in Lahore, the capital of Pakistan's Punjab province, Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş attended the opening of the Lahore solid waste facility, where Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality provided information and technology support. Organizing a press conference with the Prime Minister of Punjab State Şehbaz Şerif before the opening, Topbaş said that they have carried the knowledge and experience of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to Pakistan and will provide technical support to Lahore city with 10 million inhabitants on metrobus, solid waste, signalization and park and garden arrangement.


Reminding that they have been sister cities of Istanbul with the historical city of Lahore since 1975, Topbaş stated that they will consolidate and embody friendship and brotherhood with the services they provide to the people of Lahore. Underlining that Istanbul is a world city and an example to major metropolitan areas, Topbaş noted that companies established under the Metropolitan Municipality sold products, technology and services to many countries today, when Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was the Mayor of Istanbul.


Topbaş, praising Punjab State Prime Minister Sheriff's work, thanked his delegates for their interest and hospitality. Prime Minister Sharif, sitting in the old armchair and Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan's 'a lot from him because of his contribution to the city Topbas learner' thanked. He said he was grateful to Topbaş for sending the most valuable teams of the Metropolitan Municipality, which solved the problems of Istanbul with a population of 18 million and made it an exemplary megapol city. Sheriff reported to have experienced the most significant day of your life, 'Today is the day to a couple of bones wrapped in Pakistan brotherhood with Turkey, "he said.

Metrobus support to Lahore

After the press conference, Şerif gave dinner in the garden of Lahore Castle in honor of Topbaş and his accompanying delegation. While the students of Pakistan-Turkish School in Lahore before the meal were performing in songs, poetry and folklore, local artists presented the guests with various examples of Pakistani music. Yesterday, Topbaş and his accompanying delegation attended the opening of the 22-kilometer section of the Lahore metrobus line, which Istanbul Transportation Inc. was planning and consulting. After the opening, Topbaş was also present at the opening of the junction called 'Kadir Topbaş' on Jinnah Boulevard.

Istanbul sample in public transport

Punjab State University was granted an honorary doctorate by Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Visiting the tomb of Pakistan's national poet Muhammed İkbal, Topbaş visited the historical Sultan Mosque built by the Mughal people. The IMM President, who went to Punjab State University from here, was awarded an honorary doctorate in philosophy. In his speech, Topbaş said that he is happy to bring service to the friendly and brotherly Pakistani people, and that they will support the Punjab state government in the solid waste collection, public transportation, signalization and park and garden arrangement works of the city of Lahore, with a population of 10 million.
The contribution of Turkish businessmen is very important

Stating that he will use the title of honorary doctorate given to him in the field of philosophy as the President of the World United Cities and Local Governments Organization (UCLG), Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş thanked the university administration for accepting this title. Visiting the Pakistan-Turkish School in Lahore, Topbaş and his accompanying delegation attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Pak-Turkish Girls School to be built by Pakistani businessmen.

Emphasizing the ongoing sincere relations between the two countries, Punjab State Prime Minister Şehbaz Şerif said, "We also thank the Turkish businessmen who invest in the region."


Source : ihlassondakika

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