Silkworm tramway | First Domestic Tram Produced in Bursa 'Silkworm' Classes for Universities

Silkworm tram: The local tram produced by the consultancy of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality attracted the attention of universities. To see the 'silkworm', which has become the symbol of Bursa's technology and design power, and to have information about the production stages, some universities are coming to Bursa to visit their production facilities.

In Istanbul, the world's leading companies have joined 'Eurasia Rail Rail Light Rail, the Infrastructure and Logistics Fair showcased Turkey's first local tram' Silkworm ', symbol of an industrial town as the featured Bursa technology and the power of design to date it was. In the exhibition area, only the 10 minute review and all the magnificence of the tram that can be seen in the 3 year of production process, the difficult and difficult obstacles were exceeded. The Turkish tram, which is said to be or almost impossible ş by the foreign tram manufacturers that are going to be examined during the production, is surprising even those foreign tram manufacturers in the field today.


Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, emphasized the importance of the contribution of the tram to the Turkish economy. Nowadays, Altepe said that all cities are now oriented towards the rail system, but the rail vehicles are obliged to be supplied from foreign firms. In Today we are paying 28 million TL for a car with an 8 meter. In other words, the 4 million TL is the bill of the 32. So we had to produce our own vehicle. We believed that we could produce both cheaper and better quality. The fact that all of the money paid to the tram, at least, will be in the country is of great importance for our country's economy. We couldn't believe anyone we said. Now, from the software to its production, the tram, which is the work of Turkish engineers, is in the middle. Şimdi

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe'nin Taha Aydın, who is the project director of the local tram project, said that it was never easy to make a first, but that they realized a first in Bursa with a lot of work and patience. In the beginning, they started to implement the project through the municipality, Aydın said, eye The initiative of the municipality to be built within the body of the transportation company Burulaş has developed. However, we have observed that the system does not comply with the legislation. A piece is to be taken, bids are received, tenders are made, then the tender is expected to wait for 45 days. Trouble to get the staff, the system is hard to match the legislation. In short, we started to struggle with the bureaucracy. We decided to do this by the private sector and we took a great distance in a short time such as 2,5 year. We designed a chassis system, mechanical and electronic systems were synchronized. Walk-in was done. Prototype vehicles were produced and tested abroad. When we saw the tram we were walking on the rails, we were happy as the father who saw his baby walk first. Ür

On the other hand, some universities that come to the forefront with engineering faculties will come to Bursa in the coming days to get information about the production stages of the tram they are watching in the documentary.

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