The first tü Bursa una car appeared on the Berlin road!

Rail system manufacturers met at the "Euoroaisa Rail" fair in Istanbul. The first wagon manufactured in Bursa was brought to the booth with its modular front section.
We were there with the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe. In his ambitious target, we were witnessing another concrete turning point.
3 years ago X
Altepe emphasized the position, experience and reputation of the city in the foreign market in terms of belief and trust in the target road.
Calling for the city and evaluating the institutional opening Durmazlar company, with the silkworm that it removed from the workshop rail, for 3 days, "I am too!" he said.
In the tender in Ankara, the lowering of prices and the local cooperation of the Chinese firm, which offers the most suitable offer, are interpreted as the Bursa factor.
German Siemens, where the first wagons were purchased for BursaRay, is now in a competitor or auxiliary role with its multi-headed productions in the rail system sector. So is the German Bombardier, where new wagons are taken into service.
Other Bursa companies, which gave parts and equipment to famous main manufacturers, were also at the fair. The urban potential and experience that Altepe described for its target was appearing at the fair.
No longer…
No words. In the field, marketing competition with fairs started.
Durmazlar Fatma Durmaz Yılbirlik, Vice Chairman of the Holding Board of Directors, has experienced the excitement of corporate labor and belief based on years and reaching a big target.
Bursa wagon will be taken to Berlin, the capital of Germany, in September, for the largest and most prestigious sector fair in the world.

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