TCDD 2012 Transport Operations Description.

Transfer Board and working principles are determined by (a) General Directorate order. Within the framework of these principles, the working program of the Transport Committees 2012 year is below.

1- The personnel (civil servant, contracted, worker) requesting the transfer shall submit to the work place until the date of 30 MARCH 2012 by filling in the order requests (civil servant, contract and worker) to be completed.

2- Workplaces shall send all transport offers to the relevant service directorates until 02 APRIL 2012, except contracted personnel who have not completed at least two years in their workplace and workers who have not completed one year.

Service Departments will send their requests from the workplaces to Regional Human Resources Directorates on 1 APRIL 2 date evening in written and digital environment (Excel format) by processing them separately for OFFICER and WORKER in accordance with the annexes (Example ANNEX-09 and EK-2012). .

Human Resources Directorates will send the name, title, workplace name and work quota (handicapped, ex-convict, veteran) until the 16 APRIL 2012 date evening at the latest and send it to the Department of Human Resources for information.

In accordance with the principles mentioned above, the directorates connected to the Center shall send their requests to the Department of Human Resources for their information.

3- Displacement Boards will complete the work between 19 APRIL 2012 - 26 APRIL 2012. Departments will evaluate the transport requests sent to the EK-1 and EK-2 tables from the directorates or regional offices of the headquarters according to the lists of the workplace personnel requirements. According to the lists of workplace personnel needs; If the transplantation is not suitable, the transplantation is considered as appropriate, the transplantation is considered appropriate, but the reasons for the non-compliance of the appropriate personnel, not deemed appropriate and the documents to be specified will be added.

After receiving the opinion of the relevant Assistant General Director by the Departments, the list of civil servants and workers will be forwarded to the Human Resources Department until the date of 1 MAY 2 in the written and digital environment (Excel format), annex 04 and EK 2012 separately. The proposals sent to the Human Resources Department after the date of 04 MAY 2012 will not be taken into consideration.

Interest (a) As stated in the order, the personnel recommendations which are appropriate for the displacement between the apartments shall be made separately and distributed to the related Department. The relevant department shall also inform its opinion on the relocation.

4- Requests that are not deemed appropriate by the Departments will be notified to the work place by the Department after being informed by the relevant Assistant General Manager.

5- Human Resources Department; evaluating the submitted tenders and submitting the tenders submitted, and notifying them to the Departments, Regional and Regional Directorates.

6 - Recommendations for mutual displacement, peer status and health shall be made individually and suggestions for them shall not be included in the displacement committees.

7- Interest (c) order shall be applied to the interruption of the place and / or duty-changing personnel. The cancellation of the approved place and / or duty exchange procedures, except for the most compulsory cases, shall not be proposed. If deemed necessary, the notification will be forwarded to the Human Resources Department by explicitly stating the justification and receiving the appropriate opinion of the relevant Assistant General Manager.

Since place, location and duty changes are carried out collectively, the individual demands of the workplaces shall not be taken into consideration except for the legal reasons, the Board of Directors Decision, health, spousal status and the compulsory cases which will disrupt the service.

The order will also be published on the website of our Company ( The order will be announced to all personnel by the workplace supervisor. Also; work place billboards, entry-exit doors, evidences, social facilities and other places where staff can see.

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