Bombardier Transportation.

Bombardier Transportation, 2. Eurasia Rail Fair, innovative, ecological and advanced technology for rail transport systems shared new solutions.

Bombardier Zefiro, winner of the IF Design Award in Germany, informed participants about the high speed train and Bombardier Flexity 2 trams. 2. Eurasia Rail Bombardier their participation in the Fair Transportation Turkey said it was an indication of the importance given to the market, Bombardier Transportation Technical Consultant Nezihi Erturk, Turkey bringing the rail industry agenda stated that they are proud that participated in the fair. Decent Erturk, "as Bombardier Transportation, we have established Turkey's first metro system in Ankara 1995 years. Following this project, we successfully implemented light rail and tram systems in Istanbul, Eskisehir, Izmir, Adana and Bursa. In addition to providing vehicles in these projects, Bombardier Transportation has established signaling technologies that guarantee high safety and system utilization for subway and light rail systems. In 2008, we opened the Bombardier Transportation Global Supply Industry Development Office in Istanbul. This office aims to identify and develop potential Turkish manufacturers that Bombardier can collaborate with for long-term projects in the world market. ”

We Evaluate Strategic Partnership Opportunities in Turkey

Turkey's up to 2023 years of railway projects 20 billion dollars Referring would invest Erturk, "sustainable Bombardier, the operator in favor of changing it according to the old rules of today's needs, operators in the Turkish transportation sector by offering innovative rail solutions, and we're looking to establish strategic cooperation with relevant organizations. Turkey, fast trains, rail and public transport potentially huge market with investments in rail transport system. We aim to participate in all these projects with our worldwide experience. Biz

Bombardier “Driverless Train Operating System“

In his speech titled “Driverless Train Operating System Raj at the conference titled“ Railway Vehicles Raj, Rajendra Jadhav, General Manager of Bombardier Signal and Control Solutions North America, talked about how signal technology and driver subway system were transformed into modern driverless subway system without any problems. and how to build the system with participants and provide information about the Bombardier Cityflo 650 system, which guarantees safer, more reliable operation on shorter train intervals with higher capacity.

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