Effective Snowfall In Sivas Interrupted Train Flights.

It also affected the snowfall and type train services that were effective in Sivas. The train, which made the Ankara-Malatya expedition and waited for 35 hours in Sivas due to the unfavorable weather conditions and railroad faults, was redirected to Kayseri. The train, which came to Sivas's Çetinkaya town without any trouble, had to wait for a long time as a result of avalanche on the railway here. After opening the road, the train reached Sivas station at night. 4 passengers waiting on the train had a hard time. Passengers waiting for a long time at the train station were sent to Kayseri, where they returned again after 100 hours. Passengers who stated that they could not get food because they were not allowed to leave the train, stated that they had to feed their bellies with the biscuits and cakes given. The passengers who claimed that they could not reach the authorities for a long time and were not interested in them also reacted to the train being directed to Kayseri again. Mehmet Cem Menteş, a university student who takes a train from Kayseri to go to Ankara-Malatya train to Malatya, we study at the University in Elazig. We went to climb Kayseri. We took the train from Kayseri on Sunday evening. We would go to Malatya and from there to Elazig by road. Everything was normal until the Çetinkaya location of Sivas. However, we were told there was an avalanche on the railway and we had to wait for the road to open. Our Monday has been waiting there. We waited there tonight today. The road opened at night and they brought us to Sivas station. The problem is not our waiting, but we did not like the treatment shown to us. Only biscuits and fruit juices were served as dinner. Cakes and tea were provided for breakfast. We are not allowed to go out. They say that the train can move at any time, do not go away. He said there was constant turmoil and they did not give exact information. One of the passengers, Burak Polat, is all they can do now is to take us back to where we got on. Normally we should have been in Malatya on Monday. We were going to Elazığ by road from Malatya and going to our school. We made all our plans accordingly. I must have been at school on Tuesday and delivered an important project. But I am still in Sivas and it is not clear how long the journey will take. The passengers who stated that the compulsory train journey of nearly 35 hours left them in a difficult situation, reacted to organizing flights without getting information about the weather and road conditions. The train left Sivas Station to return to Kayseri in 40'11. It was stated that the passengers will be transported from Kayseri to Malatya by road.

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