In Samsun, female mechanics of the rail system are at work.

2 6 is a light rail system in Samsun. 6 monthly training, then the rail system boarding a female mechanic who saw the surprise of the passengers stating that the mother of the 1 34-year-old Yasemin Consulting, "I'm driving in traffic in the car. However, the responsibility for this is much more. I'm only responsible for the 360 passenger at a time. Sadece

108 is the 51 machine mechanic who has been working in Alarko Alarko-Ansaldobreda Consortium of the Alsim Alarko-Ansaldobreda Consortium. In Samsun, while working as a staff member in a nursing home, he decided to hear that the rail system had been installed and decided to become a mechanic. 6-born mother of the 36 children Yasemin Danışmaz explained the following:

. I was convinced that I could do it, and after a month of 6 training, I became a mechanic in the light rail system. 2 We have been using the light rail system with my 6 female engineer friend since years. I'm using the car too. But the responsibility of being a mechanic is much more. You have a chance to run left or right on the road in a sudden situation in traffic. However, you are going on the route determined on the track. We are more careful in sudden events and we have to decide very quickly. The light rail system is much more responsible. I'm only responsible for the 360 passenger at a time. When we approach the stop, they wave and greet us. We work with shift system. Mechanic is not a profession for women. I have an 9 daughter. I spend my time with my house and work. My wife and daughter support me. My daughter and my wife are proud of me. Kız

In addition to Yasemin Danışmaz, Nagehan Rize from 30, Merve Demirel from 29, Hilal Arıkan from 27, Kubra Teber from 25 and Yasemin Ergün from 29 are working as railroad mechanics. 16 stops on the 21 kilometer. The rail system carries an average of 60 thousand passengers per day.

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