X-ray to the train in order to avoid smuggling.

The economy management, which increases its efforts towards the customs in the field of unregistered work, is working on an x-ray system that will x-ray without stopping the trains going abroad. In this context, the preparation of an application that minimizes the search for air passengers.
In order to prevent unregistered work and to prevent smuggling, the scope of measures taken by the economy administration is expanding. In order to prevent smuggling by trains and trucks, x-ray device application will be expanded. Priority will be given to trains connected to the customs gate abroad. The two-block devices at a certain speed (40 km) will pass the load of what will occur in the train. The load will be checked for smuggling by taking an X-ray. The European Union (EU) project focuses on the Dutch case study. X-ray devices and the X-rays of vehicles will be withdrawn a high-level economic authority, border gates will be strengthened equipment, he said. A new application will be put into operation to finish the customs seeking of customs. In this context, a study will be conducted primarily for the analysis of passengers. A passenger will provide preliminary notice on what he is carrying with him. It will be known before the passenger who he is, what he carries to the countries he goes to, whether he has any customs problems or not. The passenger with a good score, who is not at risk, will be able to get on his / her plane without being disturbed and waiting in the airport.

Measures are also being taken to prevent attacks against civil servants at customs gates. In the first stage, close combat lessons were given to 80 personnel in groups of 20, with the 'Emergency Response Techniques and Unarmed Self Defense' training program prepared in cooperation with the General Directorate of Security. The trainings are taught “Survival principles, using force, stopping people, control, handcuffing, searching and using batons”. The black-belt customs officers who receive the training will also undertake the training of the staff at their posts. 'Emergency Response Teams', one of the customs enforcement officers, were created. The special team was assigned to Habur, Gürbulak, Dilucu, Nusaybin, Esendere and Sarp customs gates in the first place. Customs officers were particularly confronted with knife-and-stick attacks of landlords during customs checks of the goods they brought more than their rights and tried to smuggle into the country.

Source : http://www.zaman.com.tr



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